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Night Newbie Desert Drive - Qudra - Dubai - 4 Nov 2022

Chaitanya D

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10 minutes ago, Chaitanya D said:

Dear friends


Please note the following

  • Be at the meeting point by 8 PM (or before) and start deflating your tires 15 PSI for regular tires and 12 psi for AT tires
  • Please ensure your programable radio is on, fully charged and set to Channel 1 (446,006)
  • Briefing will be done on on the sand before we start moving
  • Please ensure everything in the car is tied down and there are no moving objects 
  • Ensure you have front and rear tow hooks/recovery points and in good condition
  • Please check all car fluids, tow hooks, and ensure no hanging parts below the chassis.
  • please ensure you come with a full tank (as much as possible) in addition to all necessary gear for this drive level specially your tire deflator, pressure gauge and a compressor, safety flag and radio. (NO FLAG or RADIO = NO DRIVE)

Night Drive - No need for special off road lights, regular lights in high beam with fog lams is enough. Please don't lose sight of tracks taken by car in front and don't lose sight of car in the back. Some area will be extremely challenging at night

Please carry extra torch/lights to see where you step in the dark. Ensure you stay safe from creepers at night, see where you walk and stay away from Bushy areas as much as possible


Convoy listing as below


See you tonight!!

My contact number is 0529970964 in case if you need it



Awesome! That's a major convoy of 18 :-) see you all tonight!

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It was a great convoy of 18 cars and given the number of cars we’re doing quite well in terms of issues. It was a nice evening. My first trip back to the desert since my last drive in the summer. Nice to see a few old faces in support roles. Thanks Dr @Chaitanya D and the reliable support crew  @Vaibhav  @Waqas Parvez  @Karthik Raptor

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Only managed to get one good photo from last Fridays night drive.


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