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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Back to Shuwaib - Sharjah - 19 Nov 2022

Islam Soliman

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wonderful drive @Islam Soliman, reminded me of the same drive a year before with you at the same place !! Only this time it was in a different car - Fortuner vs Wrangler that time.

The area was quite busy with multiple convoys crossing us frequently, and thanks to you , we managed to find our way through to quieter areas and have our share of fun.

It was my first "full length , complete"  IM drive after i upgraded my suspensions. The previous 2 had to be cut short , one time due to me bending my shocks at Sweihan with @M.Seidam and the other one where @Ranjan Das car gave up after sand ingress to engine at same area Shuwaib with @Hisham Masaad.  I saw you @Ranjan Das sign up for a drive, so hope your car is sorted out now.

As @Rob S was mentioning at the end, we upgraded our success rate at Shuwaib to 71% :D with this drive. 

Great support from @Zixuan Huang - Charlie , @Rob Sand great to drive with all of you  - @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler , @Gok Krish, @Haitham Khattab, @Imteeaz , @Beide Workuand @Joji varghese





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