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Full Day Newbie Desert Drive - Liwa Yellow Truck - Abu Dhabi - 02 Dec 2022


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@rohit kumarGoodmorning !

I have added you to the drive. See you soon !


"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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On 11/28/2022 at 8:47 AM, Frederic said:

Good morning @Anirudh Dayma ! and waitlisted @James Lovell!


Please go through below pointers are read them carefully, so you are prepared and know what to expect :)


A few but very important pointers below. Please read them carefully so we don't have to send you back at the meeting point. 


1. Please ensure that you are there at the meeting point on 7:30 AM SHARP. Late comers would be sent back. As there is a long distance to drive if you leave in the morning, make sure to leave ahead of time and keep at least 30mins spare time for refueling or a tea break.

2. Get lots and lots of rest the previous day. The more the better as Liwa will not only challenge your vehicle but your mind as well. We would need your complete focus, and fatigue due to less rest is the last thing that is needed on such a terrain. For those who prefer camping the previous night, you can do so at the starting point as its a nice spaced out area. Bring some firewood incase if you wish to have a bonfire to keep you warm. Cleaning up after the bonfire is mandatory.

3. Ensure that your 4x4 is well serviced recently and all the lubes and fluids are topped up. A vehicle breakdown in this terrain will result in not reaching our beloved Yellow Truck so please do the needful to get your 4x4 in the best possible condition.

4. You will be needing 100 litre total fuel amount before starting the drive. For example, if your existing fuel tank is 80L, then you need to bring a 20l jerrycan with you, safely strapped inside the vehicle (or outside if you have a suitable bracket or holder). Make sure your main tank is full. There is an ADNOC 15mins away on the way to the meeting point.

Location of last Fuel Station:


5. Spare tyre should be in good working condition. If not been used recently, ensure that you take it out and check the condition properly. Also ensure that you have the wrench that can be used to remove your tyre (if needed). In the past we have seen that people upgrade their tyres but still keep the the original wrench which is of no use to remove the upgraded tyre. So please ensure that your car has the right tool to remove the tyres (if needed).

6. Air compressor, proper shovel, flag, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, radio

7. Fully charged radio (tuned to all Carnity Frequencies) with spare battery / radio. If you have a car charger for your radio, please bring it along.

8. Please ensure that you know how to switch off traction control (turning off Air bags is not mandatory for this drive). If it requires pulling the fuse, please research before the drive or better still, post your queries on this drive post and we would assist.

9. Car charger / battery pack for your mobile.

10. Plenty of water, approx 5 litre per person per day.

11. Bring along your breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc in easy to eat packing. We shall be having breaks in between the drive.

12. Dry food, energy bar, cookies, nuts, crisp to munch while driving

13. Bring garbage bags along to carry your trash. Littering in the desert is strictly prohibited.


Prior to starting the drive, we will inspect all vehicles to check if everything is safely strapped and you brought all your offroad tools and jerrycan.

Please take this event seriously and understand that this terrain, due to its remoteness and size of the dunes will challenge everyone on this drive. If you decide to bring passengers, please make sure they have spent a full day already in a vehicle in the desert and are used to it. There are hardly any nearby exit tracks and rerouting might take hours, so once we are in this terrain the aim is to complete the entire drive and visit the Yellow Truck :) 



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@Frederic good morning I’ve added myself to your full day newbie drive I got a flat heading to the fewbie drive this morning so hopefully I’ll be able to get a new tyre for the drive. 

thanks again, Ben 

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@Fabien Monleau@rohit kumar@Nicholas Cox1@Ahmad Nerat@James Lovell@Srikumar@Benjamin@Gary F@Ron.P@Glenn W@munkybizness@premindra rajaram@imranaasghar81@Dodi Syahdar


Please find your convoy positions in above list. I am grateful to have fantastic support team members like @Dodi Syahdar@munkybizness and newly promoted @Fabien Monleau on board, and of course a wonderful sidekick @Srikumar :)

At the meeting point there will be other convoys as well, so please look out for 2 old green cars :) 


We will be using Carnity Channel 2: 446.03125 Mhz

Please double check all 13 important points posted in the drive topic earlier this week:

Before the briefing, we will inspect all vehicles to check if you have the required 100l in total fuel, and if everything is safely strapped inside the vehicle. We will also check the condition of the spare wheel. Please make sure we don't have to reject you from the drive, as these are basic necessities for any offroad drive in this remote terrain.

Many of us will be camping tonight nearby the meeting point. If you like to join in, please do so, you will find us approx. 200m away from the meeting point location and will set up camp before it gets dark. 

So, time to SWITCH ON adventure mode and SWITCH OFF your fear of heights and doubts !

See you tomorrow morning 7.30AM !



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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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@Frederic, @Srikumar and all of you fine people, it is with great regret and sadness that I must part from the drive.

Late last afternoon, I began to develop a flu and an associated fever symptoms that seem to be at the peak right now. Since I didn’t get to do the YT last year too, I’ve tried to weigh this in my head multiple times but the risk of what I may put myself and all of you through is just not worth it.

Have an amazing time, take tons of photos, revel in the magic of the great outdoors and enjoy every second of it. I’ll live vicariously (from my bed) through all of you.


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