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Two Day Fewbie Desert Drive - Liwa Crossing - Abu Dhabi - 21 Jan 2023

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23 hours ago, Gary F said:

Hello all, hope everyone got back safe yesterday, thank you all for amazing trip, I hope to be the drivers seat next year, I had a brilliant driver in @Benjamin , but in the passenger seat I got to see the beautiful scenery. Thanks @Vanessa8580 for your safe leadership and path finding , to all the support team and everyone one in attendance  from all the groups making this a memorable experience.

@Bjoern hope you managed to safely use the winch.


🤣 yip, @Gary F got what I asked for. Was quite something. Three winches, two pulling, one securing and amazing teamwork within the intermediate team and our fellow Fewbie @Tharun Kumar V. Need to have a look at what the GoPro caught... 



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Both Ariana and I enjoyed the first day and the camping with all of you a lot. Was great fun and a great bunch of people! Would have loved to complete the crossing with you 😢 but there will be other drives 😃





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Absolute amazing drive @Vanessa8580 every dune I crossed got me closer to believing I was on Tatooine 😁 and you did a great job leading us into Liwa and out no matter what the scenario 

@Brette did an amazing job in second lead no matter the difficulty of the landscape 

@Srikumar and @Varun Mehndiratta who didn’t back down when it came to helping a hand :) 

We had a great support team that lended a hand around every corner we took.

Especially the camp fire at the end of the day which reminded me of the times in beavers/the small time I had in Scouts. 

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