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Afternoon Fewbie Desert Drive - Al Qudra " infinity loops " - Dubai - 13 Jan 2023


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2 hours ago, M.Seidam said:

Ok but not later please as others need to plan accordingly as well as for me to put the final list . Appreciate 🙏

Hello Doc @M.Seidam. I would not be joining this drive. Kindly give my spot to the next person in waiting. 

I couldn't arrange a babysitter in time :( 

Enjoy the sands guys!

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Dear friends 

and from the support team @Fabien Monleau

time to wrap it up and close the drive . Please note that the meeting point is updated in the drive topic and the calendar as well . https://goo.gl/maps/tv4Bbpu8g1uwzjdS6

please check your vehicle recovery points and and your offroad gear as per your level . 

Make sure your radio is fully charged and programmed to all carnity channels . For this drive we will be communicating on radio channel 2 . 

without exception no radio or no flag is equal  to no drive ! 

Please be sharp on time at 15:00 or bit earlier . Once you reach the meeting point immediately start deflating your tires to 12 PSI regardless of tire type or how heavy your car is. Erect your flags and keep your items well secured and strapped in the trunk . Passengers should be seat belted at all time including children. 

in case of any issue arises including managing recoveries during the drive please don’t hesitate to announce it on radio and either myself or @Fabien Monleau will give the maximum help we can. 

Please note that the last hour of the drive is going to be in the dark and if it’s your first night drive don’t worry. will talk about in the briefing once we meet .

please find below  the convoy order 


Enjoy your evening and see you all tomorrow inshallah .


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It here again after last exit to the left then the first round about to right after that about 2 min to the right when you see the tourist sign board 


It’s only me and Bashar till now 

please reach me on 0554045278

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