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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Badayer - Al Madam - Sharjah - 15 Jan 2023

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This was an exceptionally nice drive and great introduction to the fewbie level for me.


These are my key takeaways:


• It was disappointing to see the amount of rubbish and debris other visitors had left in the desert, not only is this bad for the natural environment but I suspect will eventually be negative for all users of this natural habitat.

• Super Bowl was good fun, wish I had another attempt, but I want to commend @GauravSoni  for making the right decision at the right time, safety is always a number one priority and as that area was becoming congested and unmanaged getting out of there before an incident was a good decision.

• The post bowl technical dune section of the drive was beautiful, it felt like the convoy found a rhythm with the vehicle gap and momentum that we flowed across the dunes. The level of throttle required here  was interesting to feel, small adjustments was all that was required to keep momentum, for most of this section I went to manual mode and 2nd gear, as in D the Gladiator tends to stay screaming in 1st.

• Ghost Village, glad I finally got to see this place, unfortunately didn’t get to meet any spirits :)


Thanks to all for the fun drive.

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