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Land Cruiser 200 Intermittent Vibration on Highway Bumps

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On 5/24/2023 at 7:49 AM, MisterPoet said:

It seems it was only temporary relief, though the impact has been reduced but not completely gone.

I haven't changed rear upper and lower Trailing/Control arms yet; and I am totally unsure about doing it as I can't preempt will it resolve my issue or not; as I feel it in whole vehicle not in the rear only. 

At this stage, if the small bumps really bother you, then:

1. Look into trade-in options with Al Futtaim so you can get new LC200 with 5-years warranty. Also look into 0-km dealers that get older unsold stocks and offers 3-yrs warranty. The warranty period will save you headache as you just tell the dealer your problem and they will replace with all new original parts.

2. If trade-in is no option, before spending more money on parts, spend more money for dealer technician. For me, I try to avoid dealer unless it's electrical or other issues that normal mechanics can't solve. Usually there's a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) circulated to dealers if an issue occurs so often to many customers. Normal mechanics only work from experience and memory, they don't keep a database of previous issues on a system like dealers do.

3. If you reach this option, no trade-in and dealers quote 5000dirhams for diagnose + parts + labour, then DIY is your option. You need to spend time reading LC200 forums and see if others have solved this issue. Then create a plan or decision tree of what parts to replace. eg: if tires already replaced but still issue > then replace bearings > if bearings replaced but still issue > replace abc, etc...

A. My experience says anything happening at SPECIFIC (not all) speed range or rpm is circular mechanical parts, so these are tires + bearings + wheels which are easy fix first. Next would be anything Constant Velocity with Rubber boots: Front CV Axles + Flanges. If there's play or missing tooth, it will vibrate at some slow to medium speed. If it's Full Time 4WD / all wheels drive, the propeller driveshaft connecting Front + Rear Diff Pumpkins may need rebalancing + greasing. 

B. If all in A is done, find a used transmission/gear box and swap good used one to your LC200. That 80-100 km/h may mean specific seals, specific gears, specific accumulators, specific pistons, specific springs that work in that speed range are not optimal. Since opening up transmission/gear box is minimum 2000dhs, it's much more cost efficient to just swap transmission including valve body and torque converter, then opening up transmission. Parts may be 3000dhs but labour may be 500-700dhs. Total cost may be same, but an unopened good working condition gearbox is better than opening and rebuilding gearbox, cos it's hard to trust rebuilders these days 😊

PS: i've gone through 1-3 and A-B, that's why i can't sell my LC100, it's basically a new car with all new Toyota underbody mechanical parts 😂

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