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Join us for Grand Iftar Drive

Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Al Batayeh - Sharjah - 4 Mar 2023


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Dear Desert Drivers, 

Last checks and updates for tomorrow morning.

Meeting 6:30 am at  https://goo.gl/maps/cV6h7wBMa7DobRVE9

The convoy order will be 


We will use radio Channel 4

There is rain tonight in the North of the Emirates, but it looks like it will avoid the area of the drive. Probably the only consequence for us will be a cooler weather, but I will keep watching.

Enjoy the evening, take as much sleep as you can, and see you tomorrow morning !


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Thank you all for joining this morning. It was one of these drives where we use our vehicles for what they are designed for: reaching exceptional places, crossing large portions of desert. And driving these vehicles might look easy at first sight, when following an easy track, but passing through this variety of terrain, considering the slopes, the very soft sand, the bushes, the long climbs, the ridges to cross, require definitely some skills. 

Well done everyone, especially at the back of this long convoy, where the tracks were churned by the previous cars, as we had only a few refusals, and one pull. Thank you @Hisham Masaad for assisting the drivers from the middle of the convoy. 

Nice dunes with a lot of tree shade, farms spread out on flat areas, an old watch tower, isolated breeding camel mothers with their calf, bigger herds of camels, cows, young calves on a sand slope, sheep, an amazing green sabkha, African savannah, just a sample of what we could discover this morning. and we even found a steep side slope to push our engines !

@Stumpy Paj Nathan, thank you for the 2nd lead, @Joseph Raju, thank you for the seep, both roles perfectly executed, @Hisham Masaad, thanks again for the support, @Sayed Bilal, @Bravoecho, @Bashar Beasha @Frans M @Abdul Basit Khan, @Glenn W @Gary F @Ahmad Nerat, it was nice having you today. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon. Waiting for your pics in the gallery !



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Thx @JeromeFJ, @Hisham Masaad and the rest of the support team for the drive. Its completed smoothly and successfully.. it was clear from the back of the convoy all drivers did well in this scenic terrain. 👏👏

in the back of the convoy things were relaxed a bit, but enjoyable enough..🤪🤪

Short report video can be found in the bellow link 



Looking forward to drive with all of you again and again 



Edited by Ahmad Nerat
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Beautiful drive @JeromeFJ I really had a great time. So much to see , gave me a new perspective on the ecology of the desert..

I also got to experiment the the ever up for discussion jeep transfer case.. between 4H auto vs 4H part time.. conclusion for me felt like 4H part time gave a little more  control while turning and climbing.


I have added some photos to the gallery 

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