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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Lost Paradise: Ghantoot Loop - Dubai - 4 Mar 2023

Ale Vallecchi

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Dear Desertnauts

as promised, find below tomorrow's convoy order:

@PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke in Second Lead


@Ale at #4

@Maheshwar C.S. #5

@Sammy Six #6

@Theo09 at #7

@Simon D at Center Forward

@essam ibrahim at #9

@Misha Puskar #10


@Ahmad Quadri at #12

@Hashem Rihan #13

@Sebb at #14, and 

@DP1011 , Deepak wrangler in Sweep.

The Carnity Radio Channel will be #3 (446.056).

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM (please reach a little earlier so we may depart timely).


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14 minutes ago, Nicholas Cox1 said:

Hi Ale,

I missed the exit for petrol. I will arrive 8:15. If you can wait for me please do! Nick Cox 0501260341

No worries @Nicholas Cox1. We'll wait

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Thanks for the fun drive everyone.


I added some photos to the gallery. See you next drive!


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