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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Badayer - Sharjah - 11 March 2023

Hisham Masaad

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Dear friends, look forward to see you tomorrow ready for a new adventure in Badayer. @Stumpy Paj @Miguel Codes @Tharun Kumar V @Patrick van der Loo @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Benjamin @Rob S @Jaro Tuzinsky @Joseph Raju @Tareq Al Turq @imranaasghar81 Hope you can make it 6:30am deflated and ready to move, before other clubs convoys. We will be using radio channel 3, and as per convoy order below. Can be reached on 0506318834. Take rest please, good sleep, and be ready to be pushed.



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Thank you @Hisham Masaadfor a wonderful and fast paced drive today. Lovely start to the weekend. 

Thank you to the support team for assisting the convoy in every situation. And special thanks to @Tareq Al Turqfor saving my flag. After a long time I done a Fewbie plus drive and it was remarkable.

Thanks to all who joined the fun.

Cheers and nice weekend

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It was an amazing drive. Sorry o had to leave early but the supports on both sides were damaged after a ‘slam’. Got home safely though - a visit to the shop will be planned. Thank you @Hisham Masaad for a very nice drive. 



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@Hisham Masaad what a drive! Really enjoyable with the popular dunes of Badayer. I always learn something new within your drives todays lesson was more so on space between cars. I notice on these higher level drives the gap should be much larger especially when climbing is such a crucial task. Most of all my refusals today were due to getting caught up in the convoy resulting in touching the brakes which dramatically increased the chances of getting stuck. 

@Patrick van der Loo I hope you get the part you need fixed I didn’t really have a good look at what got damaged. Was it the tie rod? 

@imranaasghar81 I’m sorry your friend didn’t make it to iftar bowl. With the amount of visitors you got during this drive I was expecting they were using your flag as a finish line 😂 great support though! 

cheers @Rob S great supporting from the rear. 

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Hi all! 

fantastic drive today, thankyou @Hisham Masaad

congratulations and well done to everyone in the convoy. A few “oldies” and “newbies” at this level but thoroughly impressed by everyone today. 

only a couple of minor refusals in the convoy and all handled well, with drivers choosing to “loop round” rather than fight gravity, allowing the convoy to continue moving. Well done again, @Looper you have a couple of candidates for your stickers 😛

@imranaasghar81 great to see you after so long, please consider bringing two different size flags in future 🤣


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