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Afternoon Newbie Desert Drive - Qudra Yoga Flow - Dubai - 25 March 2023

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12 hours ago, Ale Vallecchi said:

Dear Desertnauts.

let's get ready for tomorrow's PM drive.

MEETING POINT - you will reach the dirt track where we'll meet and deflate, just off the tarmac road leading from Qudra's gas station to the Bab al Shams Resort. Coming from Qudra, you will pass a couple of roundabouts on the way, and once arrived at roundabout #3 (there will be a mosque just off of it) you will briefly take the road back to Qudra, before exiting on the first available opening on the right of the road. Cross the bike track, and head to the dirt track past an open gate (the one on the right), and down it until the meeting point.

DRIVING PLAN - around 2 and 1/2 hours of relaxed driving across Qudra's southern quadrant, searching for gazelles, possibly oryx, through low range dunes first, a couple of tighter "technical" areas then, and finally on taller long-range dunes, some flanked by dry mud-rock formations, until we'll reach the place where we'll have a short Yoga session by a natural desert lake, around sunset time. We'll bring tea and coffee, to enjoy with some dates, to relax after the Yoga. The exit road will be very close to the place where we'll practice Yoga, so it will not be a problem even if dusk will already have set in.

THE YOGA PRACTICE - Our teacher, Paola Fantinato (https://instagram.com/paola_sadhaka_pi?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)   is one of Dubai's trained and certified top professionals, with more than 5,000 hours of coaching experience. She will guide a relaxed practice to celebrate the sunset, tailored for every level, which anybody will be able to follow according to their own individual experience (or lack of it 😁). BRING A YOGA MAT, OR TOWEL, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MAT, to use for the practice. Wear loose clothes, and a smile on your face !!

CONVOY ORDER - as follows:

@Sammy Six at Second Lead

@nairanoopc at #3

@Patrick at #4

@Pavel Pashkovskiy at #5

@sohinik at #6

@Senthil Kumar at the Center of the convoy

@Maheshwar at #8

@Klaus Pedersen at #9

@babaski #10

@Sami Sleiman at #11

@Arsalan Ehsan at #12

@Zulfikhar Naiyar in Sweep.

RADIO CHANNEL - It will be chosen tomorrow just before the drive. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN RADIO FULLY CHARGED.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon at 3PM (or a bit earlier to allow for a timely departure).


hello ale I won't be joining this drive as I am not feeling well. apologies for the last minute dropout and hope to join your next drive. thanks

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32 minutes ago, Klaus Pedersen said:

Hi guys, my offroad flag has been stolen from my parking area. Any chance some of you guys have an extra I can borrow for todays ride?

If u stay close by JLT u can take mine, but mine is NON suction, but Quick release one, you need to have bracket installed...

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Thanks to everyone who join drive today. Easy, relaxing drive with a combination of technical, speed and sliding. Many thanks to @Ale Vallecchifor nice track. Sorry for not able to join Yoga session, but my stomach asking to go to Gym first for several months, before starting Yoga)))

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Thanks again for the sunset Yoga session in the middle of nowhere, I really enjoyed the experience!! 😊💖

2 hours ago, Sammy Six said:

Thank you very much Paola and Ale for today’s drive and yoga session! I enjoyed it a lot. A really cool concept of doing an activity after the drive. Hope we get to do this more often. Have a great Sunday! 

Agreed!! Would be amazing to have some interesting add-on activities on some drives 👍🏻

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