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Davie Chase has been promoted to Expert level


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Congratulations @Davie Chase looking forward to more drives under your lead.

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45 minutes ago, Bravoecho said:

Congratulations @Davie Chase aka Smooth Operator.

Look forward to many more drives with you mate

@Bravoecho you are determined to get that AKA to stick mate, definitely made me chuckle, appreciated  

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for the warm wishes of congratulations and support on my promotion to trip lead. It is very humbling to get so many, but this just goes to show the strength of the community of this great club.  This is the start of a new journey for me. That I cannot wait to get my teeth into and continue learning and sharing my experiences with others.

The journey and learnings to this point with Carnity have been amazing. The fantastic support and encouragement from all of the trip leads and the support team members (all too many to mention) is second to none and has definitely made this a most pleasant journey. Couple that with meeting so many like minded, fun, enthusiastic and genuinely nice people we call members makes it all the more special. 

My first independent lead is just on the horizon and I am as enthused and excited as I was when I joined my first master class with @Frederic here’s hoping it goes as well as that did 🤞😀

Thank you all again for the messages of support, and hope to see you all in the sand again very soon.



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