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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Batayeh Scenic Shoveling Revisited - Sharjah - 20 May 2023

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6 minutes ago, Davie Chase said:

Dear Desert Scenic Shovelers, hope you are all looking forward to tomorrow's adventures as much as I am. We have managed to accommodate everyone that was in the waitlist thanks to @Looper  for agreeing to take half of the convoy.

@Felix Obst @Andrei S @Frans M @Joseph Sebastian @Glenn W @Ishak @Mohit Gurnani @Zubair @Nadeem Ansari @Gertjan @Jaro Tuzinsky @Marketa Dobesova @Stan @Misha Puskar @Senthil Kumar @Tareq Al Turq @DP1011 @Looper

We will be using Channel 4 (446.081) for Convoy 1 Lead Davie and Channel 2 (446.031) for Convoy 2 Lead Goutam (Looper)

Plan is to move off as close to 6:15 as possible after the briefing, make our way to the watch tower where both convoys will meet up for a break and photo opportunities.

Then onto the exit and hopefully exiting as close to 10 am as possible. 

Any issues my Mobile number is 0552106442.

The convoy positions are as below 


Many thanks for managing to accommodate everyone!

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A Note for Convoy 2, we will go south to have a slightly different route than Convoy 1. Yellow track highlighted in the screen grab below is the Convoy 1 starting point and direction. The Black like will be taken by us. So You may start deflating on the south side.

@Gertjan, @Nadeem Ansari, @Mohit Gurnani, @Zubair, @Senthil Kumar, @Glenn W, @Andrei S, @Jaro Tuzinsky 

Looking forward to having a lot of fun and a bit of shoveling, or vice versa - we will find out tomorrow!


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don't drive like its your last one.

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Fellow desert wanders @Felix Obst @Andrei S @Frans M @Joseph Sebastian @Glenn W @Ishak @Mohit Gurnani @Zubair @Nadeem Ansari @Gertjan @Jaro Tuzinsky @Marketa Dobesova @Stan  @Senthil Kumar  @DP1011 @Looper @GauravSoni firstly thank you all for showing up on time it was great to see you all bright and early this morning.

@Looper really appreciate you volunteering to take half the convoy thus allowing us to accommodate all the waitlisted folks this week. Secondly a big congratulations on your first independent lead and I look forward to more adventures tomorrow my friend.

A big thank you to @GauravSoni for attending and supporting the second convoy as always, a pleasure to have you along for the ride.

Our drive today (Convoy 1) had a little bit of everything, from Vegetation to Virgin sand, soft sand, hard sand, Camels, donkeys and Cows, a couple of refusals that were brilliantly self-recovered, as well as a couple of Stucks and of course a pop out. 

A big thank you to my second lead @Ishak you did an amazing job holding where necessary and then following instruction to move the convoy out of harms way left or right, and even re-routing at one point. Well done and appreciated the support.

Thanks to @DP1011 as always a pleasure to have you along in support buddy. you were just simply amazing, you handle the refusals with calm tone and a knowledgeable approach that allowed most to be self-recovered. well done!

 @Felix Obst great job at sweep my friend you kept me well informed and more importantly kept the convoy together at the back. Also assisting with the recoveries, great job on the tug for @Ishak it was perfect.

 @Felix Obst @Frans M @Joseph Sebastian  @Ishak @Marketa Dobesova    @DP1011 @Stan without exception drove fantastically. you guys are amazing, I enjoyed the banter on the subkha, the teamwork with the shovels, and the patience as we worked through the last stuck and pop off.

I hope you all enjoyed the drive today as much as I did.

Thank you all.

Have a great rest of your weekend 

Some stats for you from our drive for convoy 1




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