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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Batayeh Scenic Shoveling Revisited - Sharjah - 20 May 2023

Davie Chase

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6 hours ago, Stan said:

thank you @Davie Chase. you are a great marshal! always enjoy driving with you. how are you guys posting pics to the gallery? for me it says error 200 and doesn't allow to upload anything

Hi @Stan, you need to reduce the immage size. I use Picasa Photo Editor (long retired - still works fine) to reduce the size and upload. If you upload photo's to google photo with storage saver option and then download it should also give a reduced size picture. There are more tools available.

Happy snapping!

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Thank you @Davie Chase for the drive also your patience 🙏. in the last two drives I always give you a hard time with many shoveling and pop outs. You are a great leader.

Thank you @DP1011 @Felix Obst @Joseph Sebastian@Frans M@Stan@Marketa Dobesovafor your help. Sorry for the extra time 😅.



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