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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Sweihan Adventures - Abu Dhabi - 27 May 2023


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Hi @GauravSoni Just dropped car for normal service and they need to replace hyrdaulic engine mount, covered under warranty and the part was ordered in Jan😅, Will miss this much awaited Sweihan IM drive😐, as I get my car back on Satday Noon.

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11 minutes ago, Zed said:

It's @Looper's fault, after he accepted my WL request i got kicked out from this drive as screenshot below 😂


The system does acceptance if there are available slots after Wednesday deadline is finished. You can just waitlist on this drive once again. 

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don't drive like its your last one.

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Dear Dune surfers!

Please find the Convoy List for Tomorrows Drive. 

@Looper @Krishna R @Imran Kashif @Benjamin @Chris Wing @Gerrit Bus @Mohamad Anwer @Beide Worku @Santoso Marjuki @Mario Cornejo


Conv no Driver Car
1 GauravSoni Pajero LWB
2 Looper Jeep SWB
3 Krishna R Xterra
4 Imran Kashif FJ
5 Benjamin Jeep LWB
6 Chris Wing FJ
7 Gerrit Bus Gladiator
8 Mohamad Anwer SSafari SWB
9 Beide Worku F150
10 Santoso Marjuki Jeep LWB
11 Mario Cornejo SSafari SWB

we will be using channel 2 :446031

@Zed have you changed your plans.?

Please be ready to move by 5 am as we plan to have maximum drive time to enjoy comparatively cooler weather and keep our cars happy!

see you tomorrow!

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33 minutes ago, GauravSoni said:

@Zed have you changed your plans.?

Nope, i was interrupted with meetings and forgot to click WaitList again for this drive. Will already be in Sweihan tonight for Sri's drive then sleep then hopefully alarm can wake me up 😂 Keep the convoy list, i'll just sneak up when i'm awake and arrive 👌🏻

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Hi @GauravSoni  the night drive finished at 3am, so after 5 hrs driving + 50 litres of petrol, both the car and driver felt 2 hrs of sleep won't be enough 😅 . Until next time bro, will take a rain check for today and i've removed myself from the list 🫡

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