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Afternoon Newbie Desert Drive - Exploring Murquab - Dubai - 27 Jan 2024


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Please find the convoy number for both convoys.


@Salim Akhtar @Vipin M @TIMMY @Wilfredo Perez @monkeywrench @Fabien Monleau @GS periwal @GabrielH @Nicolò @Sunil Mathew

Radio Channel: 4

  1. Gaurav                 Silver Pajero                                  Crew
  2. Salim Akhtar         2017 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5 LWB     Intermediate
  3. Vipin M                 2022 Nissan Super Safari Black      Newbie
  4. TIMMY                  Ford Expedition timberline 2022    Newbie
  5. Wilfredo Perez      TOYOTA PRADO 2015                     Newbie
  6. monkeywrench     2015 Fortuner V6                            Newbie
  7. Fabien Monleau   Toyota Land Cruiser 76 series     Support Team
  8. GS periwal             2022, GXR,  Toyota Prado, Blue      Newbie
  9. GabrielH                2007 Pajero SWB                            Newbie
  10. Nicolò                   2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited       Newbie
  11. Sunil Mathew      2014 Fortuner 4.0 V6 White        Support Team


@Davie Chase @Aser @Prithvi Raj @Hani Howeedy @Shaun J @Abdul Hannan @Rob S @Sandeep Nayar @Soufiane @Abdullah N @Harshal @Simon D

Radio Channel: 8

  1. Davie Chase       Red Jeep Rubicon                        Expert
  2. Aser                     2018 Wrangler - 4 door - black    Fewbie
  3. Prithvi Raj            2017 - Pajero GLS 3.5 - White      Newbie
  4. Hani Howeedy    2015 GMC sierra denali                Newbie
  5. Shaun J               2022 Toyota FJ Cruiser - Blue        Newbie
  6. Abdul Hannan    2013 Toyota FJ cruiser                   Newbie
  7. Rob S                 FJ Cruiser                                      Support Team
  8. Sandeep Nayar  2021 Totoyta FJ Cruiser - White     Newbie
  9. Soufiane            2017 Wrangler JK - White               Newbie
  10. Abdullah N        2012, Nissan, Patrol, GCC, White    Newbie
  11. Harshal              2020 Tundra TRD, Army green       Fewbie Plus
  12. Simon D           Pajero LWB 2011 3.8l, Grey          Advisor
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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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 @Vipin M and  @Raxas as I see it's your first time with Carnity Offroad Club, please answer the below queries:


First time with Carnity Off-road Club:

  • Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Color, and Year.
  • Do you have any prior off-road experience? If yes, pls share details.
  • Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks/eyelets.
  • Confirm you have a deflator and compressor to deflate and inflate your tires.
  • Advise if you don’t have a programable radio and safety flag.

Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Dear Desert Wanderers @Aser @Prithvi Raj @Hani Howeedy @Shaun J @Abdul Hannan @Rob S @Sandeep Nayar @Abdullah N @Harshal @Simon D

Thank you all for allowing me to take the second convoy I thoroughly enjoyed our drive together on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. we had a bit of everything, start off we had a technical patch to contend with then the dreaded bushes, reared their heads and then some mid range dunes as we entered lisalli, which allowed us to practice sidies. you all drove amazingly well with only a few stucks and refusals

great second lead by @Aser you kept a good distance to allow me time to call out left or right by X car widths or the don't follow command, you executed this with perfection which made the drive a lot smoother so well done and thankyou

Thanks you @Rob S for coming in @center forward always a pleasure to have you support my drives as it relieves a lot of the pressure having someone as calm and knowledgeable in the middle of the convoy, thanks and appreciated.

Our sweep for the day was @Simon D, hope your father enjoyed his day out with us he seemed to have a big smile on his face at the end. Great sweep my friend taking care of the rear of the convoy allowing me to focus on the lead. Appreciated and thank you.


Have a great rest of your weekend one and all.




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Thanks @Gauravfor organising the drive and @Davie Chasefor leading a great drive with our convoy.

Cheers to @Rob S for getting me through my first refusal and the chat about it after and @Simon D for the digging lesson in that interesting stuck we had in the convoy.

Another great day in the desert with a lot of learning. Thanks everyone in the convoy for being good sports. 


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It was truly a wonderful drive yesterday with a great amount of knowledge. Beginning section was a good technical part then @Davie Chase led us out of the forest making it a fun drive and @Simon D found playful side dunes where of course he had to steer down. Lastly @Rob S holding down desert lectures with full attendance from students. 
Also we should definitely open the first garage workshop in the middle of the desert. (Uploaded pictures in the gallery)

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For the other newbie convoy with @Gaurav, we had a nice and balanced drive , exposing our absolute newbies to a variety of terrain and driving techniques. I am sure all of us had a wonderful time getting to know our cars better, finding the right inputs for steering and throttle all through the drive. Our snack stop near the horse farm/stables was the icing on the cake where we could see some beautiful horses grazing , up close. 

some photos in the gallery https://carnity.com/gallery/category/1945-newbie-murquab-dubai-27-jan-2024/

whoever took some photos can upload at the above archive link 

Here is the track we took, covering approx  25Km through the deserts of Murquab!!




It was nice driving with you all 

@Salim Akhtar - great seeing you after some time , all the way from abu dhabi, to reinforce the 2L !!! 

@Vipin M  @TIMMY and @Wilfredo Perez  had their first experience in sand and hope it was a very enriching one. You all did great for first timers and i'm sure you have taken home loads of learning and pointers to implement on your next drive. Some refusals, stucks , re-attempts etc you went through are the real experiences which will get etched in your mind, to be better prepared for your next sand outing.

@monkeywrench -  nice to finally meet you, after the brief chats we had on our Fortuner owners'  group. Great mods on your car, and hope your re-entry to the sands after a break was enjoyable. Finally we were able to tame that run away diff lock of yours :D !!

 @Fabien Monleau at CF binding the 2 parts of the convoy at the centre, had a busy time with guiding our friends to self recover, sometimes with some shovel time also. Good to see you also after a gap

@GS periwal @GabrielH  - driving at the tail end did a great job in conquering the terrain and slightly churned up track created by the front runners. Occasional refusals, re-attempts are part of the game and learning experiences as Gaurav mentioned during our briefing. Important thing is to keep learning something new and coming back with confidence to try out all the learning.

@Nicolò - driving right in front of me, with no issues, which is testament of his prior experiences in sand. 


See you all on the next adventure!!



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Hadn't noticed these posts here.

Thank you all for the drive - It was indeed a wonderful drive and a BIG learning experience all in one.

@Davie Chase, @Sunil Mathew Which is the app you use to bring out all the data you have posted here?

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