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Morning Newbie Scenic Desert Drive -Scenic Sands and Wadis - UAQ - 04 Feb 2024


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thank you @Frederic @Vanessa8580 and @Srikumar for the amazzzziiinngg drive. I really wished it was an full day event. from dunes to,mountains to wadi and terrain we drivers could look around while driving and enjoy the nature. thank you once again Srikumar for letting me in last minute. hope to have more dives like these. 


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Thanks, @Vanessa8580 as our convoy 2 lead and @Frederic for organizing the scenic drive. It was an awesome day out. Lots of laughs, banter and chatting amongst the challenges and great views. 

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It was one of the best drives I had, we enjoyed the beautiful nature along with the amazing weather.

Thanks a lot @Vanessa8580 for leading our convoy and  @Frederic for organizing this amazing drive and the rest of support team at Carnity.

just a suggestion" to plan for one night camping trip at one of those nice mountains/sabkhas" 😀

hope to have more dives like this, see you soon all at the next outing

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Great to see so many people sign up and them showing up. Really shows the strength of Carnity. 

@Vanessa8580 great to see you again & thank you for leading the convoy! 
@Frederic Thank you for the amazing pictures and letting me in. Whole different energy with you around haha
@Ali-M Tea was amazing!
@Xavi Moyano Great catching up - see you on the next drive (will get 'it' from Pakistan on my next visit)

As we are dropping suggestion, I would like to too. 
Option A: 5 day Oman trip powered by our master planner @Frederic
Option B: Season 2 of 7 emirates - due to the weather and most of the gang in the country, Ill volunteer to make the logo for it @Vanessa8580 told me how proud you were on the logo badge :) 
Option  C : Wadi only drive with BBQ

Have a great week all!

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@Frederic & Team, 

Thank you for an amazing weekend drive & fun, the locations we refreshing the challenges were exciting, the scenery was beautiful the overall experience was tranquility with so much knowledge and positivity from the experts helped gain better understanding with more confidence & control. 

Looking forward to more cheers 









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So, Frederic got this knack for dreaming up cool adventures and he's earned titles like "Master Planner" and "Creative Genius" for it. Every season, he surprises us with new ideas, and we're lucky and grateful for adventurous souls like him who lead us with such cool combo concepts.

I totally missed out on the 7 Emirates drive, but luckily, I managed to jump into the Scenic Sand and Wadi Adventure last minute. Big shoutout to @Srikumar for letting me tag along in the car and enjoy those rare moments.

The turnout for the adventure was impressive, providing an excellent opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces at the expansive sabkha. That little mountain hike offered breathtaking views, reminding us of the joys of exploring on foot. Surely, Fredy, the master planner, selected the three convoy meeting points with similar intentions.

Navigating through the winding mountain paths amidst natural elements was truly mesmerizing. The whole convoy waiting for the sheep crossing was the cutest part, the second one was the farm full of black sheep, lol. Despite unexpected delays prompting Fredy to shorten the drive, I found myself hoping the drive would last longer - an indication of the sheer joy experienced, a rarity in off-roading.

Thank you @Frederic for your unwavering commitment, brilliance and efforts for multiple recces, and huge patience for handling multiple convoys for such a long drive.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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@Frederic thank you for organising this wonderful drive, myself and James had a great time, appreciate the time commitment that went into this plan.

It was a great day out and I’m sure for many of us a chance to see parts of the UAE we didn’t know existed.

Thanks @Vanessa8580 for leading convoy 2 it was - fun drive. Apart from the scenery the frivolousness of driving with 20 psi on the sand was a new challenge, sorry @Brette that last dune before the wadi , it was already pretty churned up by the time I attempted, I wasn’t going to let it beat me and I beat it with 4th gear in 4 lo and inflated tires making sure the sand was well aerated for you. 😂

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