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Afternoon Newbie Desert Drive - Ghantoot: Searching for Oryx - Abu Dhabi - 11 May 2024

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What an awesome afternoon drive. The weather started off warm but we had a pleasant breeze during the briefing under the trees. 


Starting off heading east practising the basics of up and over crossing of dunes, we built up confidence and doubled back towards the e75 where we took a quick break. From here we headed east again towards Qudra.

Some ridge riding and sidies helped us navigate past the mud rock and mud flats that are still around from those rains.

We eventually hit Cresent lake and did a quick reconnaissance of the area, stopping to see if the FJ on the hill needed rescuing, before following the bike track out.

2km from the exit I managed to slide off the side of the path and get well and truely STUCK. @Vanessa8580gave me a quick tug, and we started inflation with a beautiful sunset. 

Everyone drive great in very varied terrain! 

Thanks @Ale Vallecchi @Andrew John Melvill and @Vanessa8580 for leading us from Ghantoot to Qudra. 50km of sand! Well done everyone 👍👍👍

Please add any pics you want to share to the gallery https://carnity.com/gallery/category/2041-newbie-ghantoot-searching-for-oryx-abu-dhabi-11-may-2024/



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