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1 of 1 Pajero for Sale [ The White Rhino ]

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On 5/7/2024 at 7:39 PM, Mike M. said:

Hi @Carnity, I am sharing this here as I would want for the Carnity community to benefit of a very unique car before placing it in the public market place. I'll give it a week before putting it on sale in public. @Gaurav, @Frederic and @Srikumar I know Carnity is not a marketplace but this car is too special to go to a complete stranger :) 

The White Rhino is a high-end and probably the most maintained and pampered Pajero in the GCC, with the most premium add-ons available for a Pajero in the market.

Fully maintained and serviced at Al Habtoor with an existing dealer warranty (Until End of Jan 2025) and extended service package (4 Free Services). This car was bought from the dealer Al Habtoor 2 years ago at 0 km (First Owner).

 The below is a summarized list and details of the car:

·       Pajero 3.8 LWB 2020 – Elite Package - Under Al Habtoor warranty until 30th January 2025

·       50,871 KM– Pristine Condition

·       Al Habtoor Service Contract until 80,000 KM (4 Free Services) bought on August 25,2023 – The Package also includes: 1 Body Polish, 1 Free Brake Pad and 2 AC filter replacements - AED 5460 

·       Rhinomotive Graphene Pro Ceramic Coating – Al Habtoor – AED 3000

·       Underbody Rust Proofing – Al Habtoor – AED 1000

·       Dobinsons - MRR Adjustable Shock Absorbers and Coil Springs (Warranty until May 17, 2024) – AED 10,850

·       KMC Wheels – Set of 5 – AED 5000

·       Yokohama Geolander G015 – Set of 5 – 265/70/17 – AED 3000

·       Rear Tyre Cover Delete Kit – Can be reversed to original look (Original Tyre Cover) – AED 1500

·       Original Tyre Cover - Custom modified to hold the rear KMC wheel – AED 2500

·       AOR Pajero 4DR Roof Rack Kit plus Eye bolt Eyelets and light brackets – AED 5900

·       Aluminum, powder coated, External Molle Panels (1 pair). Personally Designed and Custom-made (1 of 1 Set) – AED 2200 per side (AED 4400 Total)

·       2 x Black Rotopax Storage Packs and Rotopax Deluxe Lock Mounts with 4x Quickfist holders for shovels – AED 2600

·       Front and back skid plates – AED 2200

·       Upgraded Entertainment Unit to Wireless Car Play – Al Habtoor – AED 1100

·       Rear Lights Black Coloring – Signature Look  - Done at Al Habtoor – AED 1050

·       42” LED Front Light Bar

·       2 x 75W Rear lights – Double Flood Bars

·       De-chrome package and angel eyes DRLs

·       Centralized Gang Rocker Swith Panel – Factory Look (Connected Front and Rear Lights and ready to connect a fan or spot lights, switches are there but never got a fan or spot lights)

·       Red Caliper Coloring 

·       Pajero All weather mats – Front seats, rear seats and trunk

·       Engine flush at 20,000 km – Al Habtoor

·       Everything is at highest premium levels  

·        Most invoices are available, if needed

·       Over AED 70,000 add-on spending on the car - Not your typical Pajero.

·       Reason for selling: Bought a new Ranger Raptor 

·       AED 105,000 - Priced for selling, not negotiable

If interested, I can be reached on +971 55 4284084



PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 2.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 3.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 4.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 5.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 6.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 7.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 8.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 9.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 10.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 11.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 12.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 13.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 14.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 15.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 16.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 17.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 18.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 19.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 20.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 22.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 23.jpg

PHOTO-2024-05-07-19-06-30 24.jpg


TWR Service Book.png


TWR Warranty.png

Congratulations on the your new you @Mike M.

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4 hours ago, Mike M. said:

@Carnity Here is the new owner of The White Rhino!

Congrats @Emanuel !!!! 

it turns out that the White Rhino has a preference to Canadian owners ! 🤣

Enjoy it man ! I am sure you will give it all the love and care it deserves!



Congratulations @Emanuel

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