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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Exploring Murquab - Dubai - 09 Jun 2024

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Please find the convoy number

We will use Radio Channel 8

@Mohit Gurnani @vinayaknam @Jon L @Victor Socaciu @J-P L @Pramod B @Cesar Chacon @Mark B @Martin Schwaiger @Sameer D. @Ahmed Farghaly @Tatsiana Chase @Theo09 @Zubair @Prithvi Raj @Shiju Raju @Rafey Hashmi @Luke K P@Imran Asghar


  1. Gaurav                     Silver Pajero
  2. Mohit Gurnani          FJ Cruiser 2022
  3. vinayaknam              Y 62 2023
  4. Jon L                         RAM TRX 2022
  5. Victor Socaciu          Wrangler JL - 2 door - Turquoise
  6. J-P L                         2021 Suzuki Jimny 3 Door Grey
  7. Pramod B                 Pajero 3.8 2016 Black
  8. Cesar Chacon           Toyota GRJ76
  9. Mark B                    2022 jeep gladiator
  10. Martin Schwaiger     Ford Bronco 2022 4 door
  11. Sameer D.                 2017 Jeep Wrangler 2 door black
  12. Ahmed Farghaly       Nissan Pathfinder
  13. Tatsiana Chase          Red Jeep Wrangler
  14. Theo09                     2018 Prado V6/4L - White, 4 Door
  15. Zubair                       FJ Cruiser White
  16. Prithvi Raj                 2017 - Pajero - 5 Door - White
  17. Shiju Raju                 2008,Toyota FJ, Blue
  18. Luke K P                   2024, ford, ranger, orange
  19. Imran Asghar          FJ Cruiser Xtreme, White 2013
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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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On 6/7/2024 at 7:52 PM, Gaurav said:

@Jon L @Cesar Chacon @Ahmed Farghaly @Martin Schwaiger you have been moved to the RSVP list, as @Imran Asghar also decided to support the drive.

Please confirm your RSVP, if you still like to join for this Sunday morning dose.

Thanks yes I will join tomorrow


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Posted (edited)

Lovely Sunday morning drive! Thanks to @Gaurav @Imran Asghar and @Mark B for getting us in and out safely. 

A bit of everything was on offer today.. technical dunes, gazelles, camels, even ghekos!

My first time in murquab so it was a good drive to check out the style of drives in this area.

Around 0820 we had a short break, while some of the FEWBIE drivers practised their sidies just before we crossed into Lisalli.

We managed to cover arrive 31km before we got to the exit.

Nice driving everyone! Hope to see you again in the sand soon. And looking forward to seeing any pics you took in the gallery! 



Screenshot_20240609_113213_Gaia GPS.jpg

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