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Fuel efficiency secrets

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Baffled with my colleague terrific fuel mileage compare to mine, I went on digging all the reasons and jot down below to help others. Ultimately all car company claimed fuel mileage figure comes from these secrets. I never knew until when i took a hitch with my colleague to explore the secret.

1) Tire pressure (most important)

Higher the tire pressure upto 32-35 psi on each tire lesser the fuel intake, lower the tire pressure of 25-28 more the fuel intake. With increased tire pressure you might feel car little bumpy and stiff on uneven road but on hi-speeds it glides much better and save tremendous fuel.

2) Cleaning air filter every 1000 kms

I leave air filter cleaning on every service of 5000 kms, but if you clean air filter by yourself every 1000 kms your car runs much smoother and drinks marginally lesser fuel. You can remove air filter easily and clean at every enoc or eppco pump with air gun in their service bay area for free.

3) Pickup slowly and smoothly

Not for the fan of Michael schumarker, who like to race and win first on every red light. One should pick car slowly and smoothly by keeping rpm under 2000-2500 rpm max. I was exactly opposite. :oops:

4) Plan brakes in timely fashion

Approaching a redlight, traffic congestion, round-about leave the accelerator 500 meters away and let car slow down by itself than approaching with zoom and braking hard. This saves fuel, brake pads, engine mounts life etc.

5) Take longer route (if possible) than stop and go traffic

In constant stop and go traffic car takes up lot of fuel than cruising at high speed on highway. Cars constant acceleration and braking drinks almost double the fuel than at free roads. I drive 10km in traffic and my friend drives 17 kms on free road and gets better fuel mileage.

6) Chip tune or no chip tune up

Many chip tune up claims better fuel gain, but its against the car fuel system as it alters the way car computer program think and make engine work harder with lesser fuel by chip manipulation. Chip tune up might show 10% - 20% better fuel efficiency but it also kills about 40% - 50% of engine life by suffocating it. If car manufacturer set the fuel the intake based on healthy engine life of 200k - 300k kms lifespan with chip tune up you will spoil that life.

I like to hear more points from others, if there is any. thank you guys.

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Brilliant dedication in recording and putting all points together, I am sure 75% of people dont know these stuff and always crib about fuel efficiency. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

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Well after reading this i can confirm, that many of these points i was not doing or following just because i never knew these stuff can make sense or help reducing fuel consumption. Don't you guys think that these and many more (if exists) should be supplied with car owners manual that can tell us how to get that bloody magical fuel mileage every car company claims and we don't even get close to it in our entire life. lol.

Damn good work and useful share rafi. Thanks a ton for this, you are a star.

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