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transmission shuddering - gear clunk - gear shifting time

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i have a problem with my honda civic 2009 with 124,000 km only and i'm the 1st owner

when driving on low speed between 1500 rpm and 2000 rpm there is heavy clunk, rattling at the gear shifting but high speed no

i toke it to honda service center sheikh zaid road yesterday , they examined the car and told me we recommend gear oil change with flush should solve it . after the job done i checked the problem is still there but very light , they have told me you should go for transmission overhaul which is very expensive and we don't know what is wrong with the transmission unless we open it any way try it for another 20,000 KM and re flush the gear and check if it's still there then you go for overhaul or live with it. but today i have another new problem at gear shifting that was not there before while driving i noticed that the rpm becomes 3000 rpm and the gear is still on 2nd then with a push more for the accelerator it shifts to 3rd then 4th at once - i have tried with them today as well but they are not willing to help me although i searched the internet for the same problem and it's common for that stupid honda gear







any way they made me pay for the gear oil flush and stated that i specifically requested that at the receipt and after fighting with the service adviser i made him change it by hand writing and stamp it saying it was recommended by them

but with no use i'm stuck with my problem now anyone has the same problem or anyone has a solution for it????

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