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A8L W12 - Suspension Issues

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I would avoid desertcart, as they inflate pricing too much than the direct shipping. write to arnott guys and see what they can offer, if no use desertcart as a last option. I don't think arnott has any distributor here, but double check with them when you write for accepting credit card query.

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On Fri Feb 24 2017 at 0:51 PM, V10S8 said:

Hi all,

Anyone have any update or recent experience with air shock strut replacement for S8?  Need a fairly solid recommendation which can do analysis and if necessary replacement on the same day, as coming up to Dubai from Abu Dhabi.

Thanks a lot in advance for any info.


I have a Treg with air. Replacing struts with used has been a mixed bag - 2 worked, 1 didn't last long.

Most recently, I replaced 2 with reconditioned units - 15 months in, no problems. Touch wood.

I go to a guy in Mussaffah - doesn't everybody in AD? - who used to work for the Audi VW dealer. His premises aren't exactly like Ali, but neither are his rates.

Ping me if you need contact info.

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