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1998 V6 3L Overheating?

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Hi guys.

MY 1998 Hyundai Galloper has a habbit of overheating.

I understand that with a mechanical fan this is expected. But it got to the point of cracking my radiator.

So i have a few questions for you...

1.) Anywhere that i can get an electronic fan installed and have the mechanical one removed? I need the parts only as i myself work in a garage that is capable of installing such parts.

2.) New radiators? Id preferably like a double thickness one, and would like to stay away from OE parts, as i do intend on taking my car into the desert, and cracking a radiator out there could be catastrophic.

3.) I've heard that these cars have a tendency to overheat with coolant inside them? And that i should only use water? I cant for the life of me figure out why...

Any comments would be hugely appreciated.

On a side note:

Any idea where the computer socket (or for those of you who understand this) or OBDII port is?

Once Again,



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Hi Scot.

Mechanical fan u mean the clutch fan aka viscose clutch based fan just behind radiator (big fan)???

If yes, then thats the best fan your car can have. If its not cooling properly first is to change the clutch of that fan. Its slightly expensive but its worth saving the life of radiator or engine itself.

In case if you dont know i would like to explain the function of that clutch fan here. It has two speed based on engine temp. On normal temp it runs exactly half the engine RPM and when car exceed slight idle temperature it runs on full speed = engine rpm. How this resistance happen to run at half the engine speed is thru viscose clutch which has silicone fluid inside. And when car exceed temperature that silicone fluid melts away removing the complete resistance inside the clutch which result in moving fan at 100% same speed as engine rpm and cooling the radiator faster.

With age this clutch tend to go bad after 5-7 years. And for heavy duty cooling this viscose clutch fan is MUCH BETTER than any electrical fan. Or else you are going for Kenlow electric fans that comes with speed control (too expensive mate).

About radiator, i will say hold it until you change the clutch fan and see if you still need to change the radiator. If still you like then dont double the core thickness as you mentioned as water pump will over work and die soon or may be water pump wont have enough energy to rotate water, so car will still overheat. Max you can increase the core thickness by 50% not 100% please. Best is if you can afford go for custom made aluminum radiator and then forget about all heating woes for next 5 years.

For custom made radiator go to Dolphin radiator in sharjah and they will make one for you or have ready fit in stock. They are good and not so expensive too.

Water indeed give best cooling than any coolant, but for the life of radiator its always better to use coolant and don't change that otherwise you will have too much rust and blocked radiator in less than a year.

For OBDII socket, open driver door and sit on ground and look under steering closer to fuse box it shud be there. Im not 100% sure about this location but i am 90% sure. Good luck.

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