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Mazda 3 hidden secrets

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Diagnostic Test Mode

You can check for any trouble codes with a simple button sequence. Turn on the ignition power and press and hold the POWER button. Then press the AM and CLOCK buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. The display will show any trouble codes on the display. Use the Seek buttons to scroll through them. Turn off the car to reset the unit back to normal.

This procedure also lets you see the maker of the modules installed, but only if there is a trouble code associated with it. The first two digits in the display identify the device in question - see the following table. The 6-CD disc numbers are used to show the supplier of a module (1 for FMS, 2 for Panasonic, and 3 for Clarion).

Device Code ---Part Name

00 ------ Casette Deck

03 ------ CD Player

05 ------ External CD Changer

06 ------ Internal CD Changer

07 ------ MD Player

09 ------ Base Head Unit

After the Device Code is a colon and the trouble code in the format, "Er10" (which means "communication line error"). Here's a general table of error codes:

Error Code--- Error Type ---Description

01 --- Insert/Eject Fault ---The device failed to insert or eject media.

02 --- Media Read Fault ---The device couldn't play/read the media.

03 --- Mechanism Fault ---The physical mechanism (reel/spindles) failed to function.

04 --- Media Fault --- The media is worn out.

07 --- Media Read Fault ---The device couldn't play/read the media.

10 --- Communication Fault ---Connectors or communication failed

20 --- Base Unit Power Fault ---Improper voltage detected.

22 --- Base Unit Fault

You can clear the codes by entering diagnostic mode and then pressing POWER and then AUDIO CONT (the other big button) for 2 seconds, but this is probably not something you should be doing. Instead, take a radio showing a trouble code to a dealer to get it fixed and let them clear the codes when it's done.

Watch this awesome videos for more hidden secrets and fun:

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