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to disconnect battery or not to

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Hi Everyone....

I am going on vacation for 1 month. Do I disconnect my 650i convertible battery or not. If yes, how do I do this without damaging anything.

The reason I ask is the last trip I went on was for 2 weeks.

When I returned my battery was flat.

I still get the "high battery discharge when car parked" warning, and the "SOS malfunction or limited function" warning every morning.

I have disconnected the sensor on the negative battery cable, this seems to have taken care of the "high battery drain" message. I think this was the intelligent battery sensor. The car drives much better after this, the air-con works better as well.

I do not have a trickle charger or battery maintainer.

So, the question is, to disconnect the battery or not?

Will this damage the vehicle... electronic... error codes when reconnected... etc.


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