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How practical is t to use punctured repaired wheel as spare?

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How advisable is it use a punctured wheel as a spare tire.

the damage was not major it was a nail that i removed and used the punctured kit to repair it

There is no air coming out so can i use the Tire.

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Looks like too many question here and too little answer. As everyone want to ask and no one want to answer.

masmic: Using repaired puncture tire is absoultely ok as far as it has remaining tread life and less than 3 year old, and puncture is repaired perfectly.

dewnani and shine: Its not about the cost of tire, but why waste something that can be 100% safely used. Its called wastage of money.

juju: Brand new tires would cost in range of 300 - 800 depending on your car tire size and brand you pick.

Kamrul: Best tire in my knowledge are Michelin, but they are fucking expensive so second close bet is Bridgestone or Good year they both are equally good and reliable.

Bond207: Upgrading to one size means radius = NO, stick to your size. If upgrading to one size in profile or width = may be depending on how close you get with rubbing on full U-Turns.

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