Synthetic motor oil

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Synthetic motor oil is not suited for the cars with high mileage. The reason being, that the synthetic oil is comparatively thin than the ordinary oil used in cars. Synthetic oil is free flowing oil, so if you put synthetic oil in a car with high mileage, there are chances of oil combustion in the car. Also, whether to use the synthetic oil in your car or not, you should always take an advice from your dealer, and read the car manual first, if it says that synthetic oil is best suited for your car then go for it otherwise not.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of synthetic oil:


Pros: Synthetic oil is really smooth and flows really easy in cold weather. The interval of changing the synthetic oil in a car is longer than the ordinary oil. Ordinary oil change interval is 3 to 4,ooo miles and synthetic oil is 5 to 7,ooo miles. Also, it is highly resistant when it comes to oil viscosity breakdown especially from heat.


Cons: Well, it’s expensive than the ordinary oil. And as I wrote earlier, it is not good for high mileage cars. Also, sometimes the new engine doesn’t respond to synthetic oil as it is easy to flow and thinner than the ordinary oil.

 However, some brands like Chevy recommends only synthetic oil as it improves the performance and power of their cars.

And for Lexus ES, I would suggest you that you consult with your dealer first. You can also check in your car manual whether it suggests you to put synthetic oil or not. The specification of each car is unique, so you cannot really change the type of oil in your car just like that. Rather, it will affect the performance of your really bad that it may breakdown easily.

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