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22 minutes ago, Gaurav said:

If you get your rear diff lock to work, this would have been self-recovery in less than a minute.

Good you mentioned. I repaired it last week and i activated the rear diff lock but didn’t manage to get out and didn’t try for too long cuz @skumar83 was sweeping fast 😀 

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Oh great but at least in my Pajero it's actual activation takes time after the blinking gets stable. While blinking its still negotiating to how to engage. To accelerate engaging I keep toggling on D and reverse with small interval and it activates it fast with a clear grrrr,tkk noise from the rear wheel. 99 out of 100 times it really saved me, only 1% when all four wheels are free then I need external assistance.

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4 minutes ago, skumar83 said:

Wouldn't a central difflock be sufficient in such a situation as both rear tyres seemed to have traction

Theoretically and technically yes, but in so many situations I used central diff lock but nothing happens. Only when I engage rear diff lock magic start to happen. I assume here because rear diff lock automatically engages the central too so rear both tires get equal split of power than sending more to freewheel or badly stuck wheel.

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Thanks guys I’ll play with both central and rear diff lock the next coming weeks and do some trials to see if both work properly. I’ll jack up the rear and see if both wheels rotate together.

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