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    • Demolition derby and banger racing are 2 different things. Demolition derby is just smashing everything and last car running wins. Banger racing is a proper race series with contact allowed, winner is the first person to complete the given number of laps. It’s ok to push someone out of your way or spin them but it’s in your interest to avoid getting hit. 
    • Yes I know what banger racing is, the Brit version of a demolition derby. 
    • Next time you’re in Europe try to search out banger racing. It’s pretty low brow but it’s cheap entertainment and a lot of fun. I’m surprised they don’t do it here. Much more fun crashing a 500dhs sunny than wrecking daddy’s 100k patrol or land cruiser trying to climb a dune and spit flames to impress your friends. You can easily spend a 10 hour day at the track watching,  eating burgers and drinking beer, there is always something going on, be it crashes or fights between drivers. Did a few events back in the day but it can get expensive quick. It’s not buying petrol or tyres, you usually need a new car after the race lol.   
    • Can't watch any tarmac based motorsports for more than 10mins
    • Yeah it’s a proper FIA race series. Sometimes manufacturers like Porsche for example make road going versions. Think of it as F1 with road cars. Doesn’t have the same following as F1 due to lack of advertising but I think it’s better to watch. Less BS, just racing. The main stipulations are the cars must be 1,200-1,300kg and 500-600bhp. Nice series to watch if you’re into racing. Not the same insanity levels as LMP but nice nonetheless. 
    • GT3 is a thing? I thought manufacturers just stuck that to make their stuff sound cooler