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    • Here's my contact number- 058822556 @Brijesh Kumar
    • @Faisal khan , you said you can offer a free diagnostic and check. Can you please provide me your number so that I can call and discuss this further with you. Also, what will be the cost if you send your recovery truck for my car pick up.
    • Any mechanic who suggests opening an engine without doing basic diagnostic checks needs a good swift kick in the balls. A leak down test takes 30 minutes, testing for leaking valve seals takes a 5 minute test drive to see if it’s smoking on the over run etc etc When I got my first mechanic job in UAE I was given a VW Golf with an oil burning problem. I was busy on a POS Dodge Avenger so I didn’t get around to looking at it until the next day. When I got to it, the engine was in bits. The manager, crazy old Jordanian dude well into his 60s pointed at a pile of bits in the corner and asked me what’s wrong with that engine? How am I supposed to know? You stripped it before I could look at it. Customer ended up having to pay for a full engine rebuild when maybe all it needed was a handful of valve stem oil seals, who knows? Back to the Avenger, the transmission kept locking out. It got 3 valve blocks and a new transmission before anyone asked me to look at it. Nobody thought to check if the PCM was sending a signal to the transmission before firing the parts cannon. 10 minutes with a soldering iron and some heat shrink fixed the cracked loom.  I hate incompetent “mechanics”. 
    • It happens. I can't tell you the number of times I have seen engines destroyed by over heating, while the owner/driver insists that nothing drastic had happened. Some people just don't monitor instruments while driving,and many more don't understand what their instruments are telling them when they do decide to look at them once or twice a year.   
    • nothing bad happens if you are throttle happy unless if you are in the middle of the desert....☺️
    • It wouldn't help answering that question if you already don't know the answerto that. As advised get a second opinion from a second shop and even a 3rd opinion from a third.  If it is really smoking, then yes the engine needs to be opened up and rebuilt, which in turns equal to a lot of $$$$$$$ Or just keep on driving it as is. Keeping an eagle eye on oil and coolant levels.  OR sell it. Still having a hard time believing such a low mileage motor is smoking. Good luck