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    • Hello Experts    I found this on Automall and I thought you would like to have a look: http:// www.automalluae.com/used-car-shop/7895189-hyundai-accent-gl/
        should i buy this car ?  It is hyndai accent gl 2012  Please advice about the pros and cons this is in my budget 
    • they are good lavish cars but little on the gas guzzling side if you can afford it then go ahead they are loaded with features which can compete with any japanese cars...if you think economy with luxury then think japanese.. 
    • With many thanks Gaurav for your feedback. 
      What do you think if we go for higher SUV level? 
      Do you recommend Ford Edge, any Chevrolet/GMC models or something like those cars?  Best Regards
    • Knowing your liking and owning of CRV, I would highly advise the RAV4, it's a Toyota piece of gold, that holds the best resale among the whole lineup of Toyota and damn reliable and proven.
    • Greetings,  Many thanks for your feedback and notes.
    • Hi Gaurav,  Hope you are doing fine. 
      Thanks for your feedback and nice to see you too. 
      My wife has a Honda CRV now and we would like to change it due to ages. We were satisfy with this car in terms of driving, comfortably and other major parameters a basic SUV needed. The spare parts was a little bit expensive comparing with other cars which I believe is Honda Policy.  We are looking for another SUV almost on the same level of CRV or a little more but preferably 5 seater however 7 seater is also fine if the car is good and reasonable price to pay. 
      Thanks again for your help. Best Regards