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  2. Advice for buying my first car in Dubai

    As a classic BMW lover myself i fully agree with Gaurav. I wanted to buy a 540i Japanese import first but realized that it would take me many trips to the Sharjah workshops myself to keep things economical for this type of cars. Where i come from in Europe we have more spareparts and knowledge available to keep these cars on the road and also the climate is less demanding. If you're not doing too many miles on a daily basis it might be worth taking the risk, but be fully aware that it might cost you another +15kAED the first year to get the car in the condition you want and to repair the critical things. I went for a 2013 316i because the resale value is indeed very low, and it was well looked after. A decent Japanese brand with more spare-parts availability will give you more ease of mind. Did you consider an Infiniti G37 ? It's japanese, and it's fast. Not sure about the reliability though but my colleague drives infiniti and is really happy with it. Good luck.
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  4. Advice for buying my first car in Dubai

    Avoid German cars in that 15-25k budget like a plague, as they have a low resale value for a reason. In German cars, max safe age to buy is less than 5 years. After 5 years till 10 years is 50% chance of getting troubles and if you do, they aren't cheap AT ALL. Anything above 10 years, don't buy unless you have same model donor car handy, as parts will cost you a fortune to maintain. Germans and American cars after 10 years are very risky to own and that's why they loose value overtime too fast as opposed to the Japanese car, that comes with 15-20 years of usable life with reasonable expense.
  5. perfect car for a family of 4 members

    thanx @barry & @shadow79 , preferably 5 doors; reliability over the style; fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost.
  6. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    As rahim bhai said, excellent planning by @Asif Hussain, absolutely wonderful terrain and the tranquility while watching the stars at night have recharged the batteries for the work week. Looking forward to the next drive.
  7. Hi! I'm planning to buy my first car in Dubai and am very attracted to the older German cars available in the 15k to 25k range...Audis and BMWs. My only concern is that I don't want to be stuck with a car that will cost me too much in terms of periodic maintenance and spare parts. I know that Japanese/Korean cars are much more economical, but I'm looking for a win-win situation. Any advice on what i should go for?
  8. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    Thanks @Asif Hussain for once again choosing a fantastic area. @sertac well managed and our surprise package @Mujtaba. This time you've proved to be an excellent planner in terms of the Last petrol station on the way and for the Friday prayers for Muslims. The most amazing journey became even better as we lay on the tallest dune in the area and caught some meteors on a starry night. @Gaurav bhai, thank you for your guidance, patience, trust and back planning to make sure each trip is an enjoyable experience. @shadow79 most capable with it without the race juice and @skumar83 totally my best buddy to help me with sweep duties. Love you all.
  9. Approx I think from 3-6 would be good time to hit the dunes, depending on family settling down.
  10. Hi @Gaurav; i think there will be enough 4x4 at least you me and @Rahimdad will be there. Actually i dont interest BBQ part this time i have another BBQ party i have to attend that day. So what i am interested is 4 wheeling. This is family trip but do you have any roughly idea about when we can try those dunes? I am trying to figure out am i going to be able to come with you and after that catch the other BBQ?
  11. Excellent idea @Gaurav bhai. I'm in with the family and any support required for a short drive in the dunes around.
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    When: 24th November, Friday 2017 Meeting time: 12:15 PM for praying OR at 12:45 PM for others Meeting Point: (Al Qudra mosque, we will finish Friday prayer and leave immediately) Level of drive: All drivers are welcome Type of Car: All cars are welcome
  14. It's time to call a family get-together drive for kids of all age and wives of all stage to cool down in this awesome weather. The plan is to drive to Al Qudra Flamingo and Swan Lake, near Al Qudra oasis. This place gives enough photo ops for shutterbugs and flamingo and swans will keep the kids entertained for hours. We can start soon after the Friday prayer and visit this lake for a couple of hours and play in the vicinity area. Then find a good clean spot for bbq and evening snacks to enjoy the serene lake in the desert. If enough 4x4 turns up, then we can also plan for quick few hours desert drive behind the Qudra lake area and spot few gazelles in the best medium-sized dunes range within a 10-15 Km radius. When: 24th November, Friday 2017 Meeting time: 12:15 PM for praying OR at 12:45 PM for others Meeting Point: (Al Qudra mosque, we will finish Friday prayer and leave immediately) Level of drive: All drivers are welcome Type of Car: All cars are welcome What to bring along: BBQ, Snacks, quick meal, whatever you like with little extra to share Approximate finish time: 8:00 PM, 24th November, Friday 2017 RSVP the below calendar:
  15. Possible upcoming electric Lamborghini?
  16. perfect car for a family of 4 members

    Yep first let us know your use then we will surely figure something up after a big debate
  17. If a fire extinguisher is mounted properly, you shouldn't need to worry about it becoming a projectile. I've been upside down in cars more times than I care to remember, had a real bad accident where I got t boned too and the fire extinguisher has always stayed in place. Hopefully you relocated the bracket, not only the extinguisher. Stuff loose in the boot can easily become a projectile too. I know a guy in the U.K. Who had an accident. He had a small socket set in the boot. The socket set smashed through the parcel shelf, him in the back of the head and broke his neck. He was paralyzed for 6 months and had to go through 2 years of physiotherapy just to walk with a stick.
  18. perfect car for a family of 4 members

    How much do you want to spend? Is 3 door or 5 door important? Do you prefer style or reliability? Do you need 4wd? How important is servicing costs? How important is resale value or are you happy to run it until it dies?
  19. I I am hit that hard from the back, i probably would not be in a shape to handle a fire extinguisher anyway.... plus having it in the boot saves me from a potential projectile... i took it out, its in the boot now next to the spare tire. Passengers can sit now in my car without having there feet obstructed.... what was Al Futtaim thinking....
  20. perfect car for a family of 4 members

    and must be affordable
  21. Hello guys I am planning to buy a pre-owned car that suitable for my family (4pax) that satisfy my our needs: the car must be: spacious; fuel efficient and reliable I do appreciate your expertise regarding my queries. Thank you very much
  22. I didn’t see a Mitsubishi stand but I didn’t get a chance to go around everything.
  23. Dubai International Motor Show 2017

    Did you find any Next Gen Pajeros ??
  24. It was very well laid out. One hall was all classic/modified cars, the other was manufacturers. Each manufacturer had their own stand with their own current, new and concept cars.
  25. The problem with having a fire extinguisher in the boot is that most accidents here are rear end. If you get hit hard enough, you won’t be able to open the boot to access it. I have needed one in the car once and I was very glad to have it. Used them in the garage a few times too. Rally cars usually have 3 extinguishers. One hand held and 2 plumbed with pipes and nozzles. One plumbed for engine fires, pull the lever and it empties in the engine bay, the other one sprays on the driver and co drivers legs.
  26. don't have one...almost never needed one...seen a few cars on fire by the side of the road helped by throwing sand on it...
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  28. anybody up for vp racing fuels for cheap

    Bring one for me for Liwa drive, will test it nicely.
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