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  2. We had a great drive today with @Rahimdad. Absolutely enjoyed the pace of the drive. Great team effort by all @Rahimdad @Srikumar @AKR @eduardofor your ever enthusiastic support and help in pulling us out in those sticky situations. @Srikumar really well deserved on being upgraded to a Marshal. Looking forward to some more exciting drives. Thanks to you guys it’s the one thing my son is enthusiastic about to wake up early In the Morning.
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  4. He turned right immediate after crossing the ridge, he should have gone straight down. And the guy in front of him was little slow and he corrected the angle by turning left and escaped.
  5. Congrats @Srikumar for become the marshal. And thanks @Rahimdad for this wonderful trip report. I am not a part of the drive but I feel my presence when I read your write-up. Love you guys.
  6. Drive Video https://youtu.be/ZSSa30oBmOU
  7. WTF was i pretending to do over there 😂
  8. Newtrip report. What an amazing day. Started with the announcement of the first ever Marshal for Carnity. Congratulations @Srikumar, for his hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, willingness to help and a very positive attitude. At this point we split the convoy between Newbie and Fewbie. We were 5 cars in the Fewbie level @eduardo, @yogic72, @AKR ,@Srikumar and I. We started with some dune crossings with a good momentum and everydody managed well, we even crossed a herd of goats and was a pleasant surprise besides the regular camels and donkeys around. Finally we started heading though some amazing tracks where we came across a lot of small trees, shrubs and bushes, but with enough gap to just pass through. The challenge of crossing the dunes and keeping between the greenery was very pleasant and the team named it the little forest. We had a couple of refusals and stucks, but the convoy discipline and capability was so good that we came very close to the breakfast area with an hour to go. So I made an announcement if anybody would like to lead for short stints and all agreed. First was @eduardo and he was managing well before he had his first stuck and shortly another one. At this point @AKR took over and he too after a short lead got stuck. After recovering him we had no time to test out @yogic72 and also there was some trouble with one of the steering pump so decided to exit to road and head to the breakfast point. The area was amazing shaded with loads of trees. We were even welcomed by a bunch of camels including 2 baby camels who left due to the roar of one of the vehicles whose exhaust pipe was disconnected. As we lay our spread and waited for the newbies to join, we had a couple of discussions about being promoted from newbie to Fewbie level, the difference felt and the short leads. This is a topic I will raise another thread as feedback was interesting. Soon the newbies caught up and we had our feast. In the time that everybody was relaxed and chatting we got the exhaust sorted out, but no solution found for the steering pump. As we headed out and inflated it was time to say goid bye and hoping for another drive next week which will bring all these amazing people out with some new friends to be made. Until that time idios.
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