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  2. Electric power steering is cool. I used to build a lot of rally cars, old 70s/80s stuff. Ford Escorts and the like. One of the first mods I always done was swap the steering column for one from an Opel corsa. Automatic electric power steering conversion. Once you modified it to fit you just had to run 2 wires to the computer to make it work. No pump sucking your horsepower, no pipes to leak. Turns it into a new car.
  3. I would first go for solutions to get rid from current noise from Radical at Ras Al Khor as suggested by our community member. At the same point of time, i would get idea for RTT too!!
  4. Yeah probably that new vehicles mostly have variable steering power which make the steering super light when slow ans gets heavier as speed increases. And most newer cars have gotten rid of the old hydraulic type of steering assist all toghter. And now driven by a motor instead.
  5. Well I would wait until you install your RTT and then see the nose levels. If you get a spoiler now and get a RTT then you might have more noise and then need further work
  6. It's better if you can buy a prefabricated part before looking to get it fabricated as it may be cheaper.
  7. Checked fluids and they are still good so have to be vacation hangover... Was driving a 2019 seat suv that was new so probably lost all my arm muscles and i will test to jack the car when i can.... but should't be issue cause it has only run 46000km... Thanks for the input.
  8. @Chirag S. - if your using the TRD roof rack, you can fabricate something similar which might reduce wind noise
  9. Thanks @MATHEW FELEX That is really helpful reference and advise!! Thanks @Srikumar That's really self explanatory and helpful!!
  10. @Chirag S. have a look at the below video. You will need do something similar for your roof rack to reduce the noise. The other option which is easier is to get a custom made cover, and just close it.
  11. @Chirag S. - Thanks but jokes apart, I think you should give a try what Sri was suggesting, if you are having frequent long drives then probably you should go to a fabricator like Radical Ras Al Khor and ask for their expert opinion on how to reduce the wind noise, they might be able to suggest few options by reducing the height or even customizing something for you. Would you be able to share a picture when you have a chance !
  12. @Per A I second at Gaurav & Barry's comments, after the required inspection you should be able to figure out ! If all well, I would say it must be a vacation hangover You will again get used to the Pajero steering !!
  13. @Chirag S. I had installed a TRD light weight roof rack on my FJ2 which did not increase the noise heavily, The noise was always there from the front windshield and the side mirrors on the FJ cruisers when you speed on the highways. So the reason maybe they gave a powerful JBL entertainment system, :P !!
  14. Dank u well. Love to meet you soon.
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  16. Rock crawling in the UAE like bringing a knife to a gun fight.
  17. I’m not arguing advantages or disadvantages. I’m just saying it has been done. Maybe it’s a rock crawling thing, I don’t know. Just wait, I will show you.
  18. Well to be honest if running two props to each wheel at the front,I don't seen any point or advantage over a single front end with a lockable diff. Impact nothing but disadvantages. Unless its just done for show and bragging rights.
  19. It’s a super wide transfer case with 2 propshafts running to the front. Both front wheels have their own differentials and their own independent suspension setup. I don’t know how to explain it simpler, my brain was melted first time I seen it too. It’s not portal axles or floating axles, it’s something you have never seen before. You’re welcome to come and see it or wait a couple of days and I’ll post pictures.
  20. Huh!!! Explain to me how having two diffs on the front end would work? Two independent prop shafts coming from the x-case for each or something I don't see the point or any advantage of that or ...... Sure you mean diffs and not something like portal axels or something???.
  21. I drove a 2010 Pajero for 9 years and its steering is heavy compared to most other cars. So if your steering fluid levels are ok, I guess you will have to live with it
  22. No, each front wheel actually has it’s own separate differential. Would I lie to you? 😂 Huge transfer box with 2 props running to the front. It’s a super rare weird setup from a GM panel van that was only built for 2 years. Our USA friends like this setup because it’s supposed the strongest setup GM ever built. I’m going to Oman tomorrow but I’ll post some pics when I get back.
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