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  2. Any reliable workshops/service station fro Chevrolet cars? For regular service only. No repairs. Since this was one is closed. And it was highly recommended by @Gaurav. Where are you taking your Chevy now @Gaurav ?
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  4. You can sacrifice for the stunning look🎊
  5. Let few absolute newbie express there interest here and we will arrange one of the Friday early morning drive from 3 AM - 8 AM. After September until May, absolute newbie drives are always there every alternate week. Good question @Avinash Vora, looking forward to see you and other new faces on drive.
  6. I’m flying back to the sandpit tonight after a week in Barcelona. God I will miss the food, weather, and the people.. see you guys next week if there’s a drive ! Take care !
  7. Al Accad in Al Quoz has closed last week too so I have to go to Deira to get BMW and Mercedes stuff now. Things aren’t good at the minute. Even the big boys are having a hard time.
  8. When you’re learning a new language it’s best to learn the useful phrases first 😊
  9. If there is enough interest like 5+ absolute newbie, we can still do super early morning drive atleast once a month. Idea is to let newbie first see where they are driving and how to drive in sand. Every newbie get plenty of stucks and refusals and if they can see why they got stuck, they can learn faster or it will demotivate and confuse them.
  10. @Ren13 where'd you get that flag installed for the pajero ? And how much did you pay for it??
  11. The service centre itself closed some time back. I cross it every time remembering the time I used to service my Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  12. Absolute Newbie Drives would start post September once the day time drives restart. In summers we do night drives where it's not advisable for a person who has absolutely no experience of previous sand driving to join.
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  14. If I was rich as fek then I would always go a new car. Regardless of how well kept it is, it's just never like a new car. Oh and sell it at 50k kms amd get another new one. But since that is never going to happen.!!! P.S : I LOVE depreciation makes me able to buy cars which were close to half a million DHS new now for literally peanuts. But it is an effort more than $$$$ to keep them going well.
  15. Buy a new car just roll out the dealer and try to sell it even without putting on the plates and see what you get for it...buy a Tercel 99 for 2 to 3.5 depending on condition and after using it for 3 or 4 years try to sell it and see for yourself how much you loose when selling...
  16. I had bought parts from there 2 months ago recently no idea...
  17. I am having hard day in office also knowing my gearbox is fucked up is not helping. But @Barry this comment from you I am keeping remembering it and cant stop laughing
  18. Hmm strange didn't notice, used to pass there daily up until very recently
  19. Is this service center permanently closed? As per Google maps thats the status. Does anyone have any update?
  20. After arriving in Saudi Arabia and looking for a fun car to drive that i could also take to the desert, I went shopping around and came across a 2008 FJ Cruiser in voodoo blue with the roof rack, stereo upgrade, cold air intake, and hardly a scratch. Mileage was a bit high at around 200,000 kms but it was the best looking FJ in the area after weeks of searching. Fast forward a few weeks when I go into a small patch of desert near to the compound where I’m living and get stuck immediately, although i deflated and ASSUMED this was a permanent 4x4. Well, this US model was a 2WD.... hence the low selling price 😔😔 Kept it another year and then left Saudi, but that was a hard lesson learned not to be falling in love too quickly and hasty. But the car itself was fantastic as pretty fast.
  21. My worst mistake was 2 door Toyota Camry, i was new to this country and made a mistake of buying 2 door Camry imported from US .spent a lot of money to keep it in working condition but finally decided to sell , sold at same price in which i bought Its was huge and fun to drive
  22. Currently Toyota and Honda also coming with CVT. There is no proper gearbox from Japan`s anymore.
  23. For me it was two entry model cars that I had purchased. The first was a Chevrolet Optra bought brand new from the showroom. The car expired just after 3 years of usage. Everything on the car was falling apart and finally scrapped the vehicle just after the loan got over. The next and the biggest mistake was trusting a Nissan. I bought two brand new Sentra from the showroom and both of the CVT gearboxes failed like clockwise precision which I recently had to rebuild. Lesson learnt is that when it comes to entry level cars it's better to go with a trustable brand like Toyota or Honda as the cars made at this segment are with cheap material. And yes of course, stay away from CVT.
  24. I have made 2 mistakes in my life. My Renault Megan's, which I bought due to my great experience with a Renault Clio. Even paid a bit more to get with warranty from the dealer, but every service I was handed a bill which was at least 4 times to cost of the service to some failure not covered by warranty. My second mistake was my 2nd Jeep Commander which I got with my great experience with the first one. However as the story unfolded the 2nd one was an American Import which kept giving me lot of issues and within an year had to sell it for peanuts as the Oman market closed any cars over 10 years old. Hard lessons learned in both cases.
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  26. Well since you already paid for registration, insurance and plus have bought oil, filter etc etc. Just flush and refill the filter and drive it for another year. Even if it totally breaks down you can still sell it as scrap or 1000-1200 and get some money back instead of selling now for 2. Also no harm in checking how much a used transmission and replacement cost. . Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!
  27. Could be a sticky caliper I had a customer come in with a 12 explorer he had changed the rear pads like 2 months ago and again I was saying him that you need the rear pads upon good examination the right ones were full new but because of sticking the left ones had finished so instead of fixing the issue he went and brought another pair of pads but changed only the ones which were affected...not my circus not my monkeys...
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