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  3. Putting my 2 cents...Larger tires are good but comes with lot of burden..you should expect premature wear of drive components, especially on axle, drive shafts, breaks and gears (require at least 4 10) etc. Axle re enforcement is something must if u've 35s in non rubicon model, unless the jeep is just a mall crawler.
  4. Thank you @Rinelle Sanaani. You are improving every drive. See you soon. Thanks a lot @Febin Frederic. We had not driven much together, but I trusted you could handle your car, even if at the back, and you certainly did very well. Good job. Thank you @Najeeb Mohammed. You have improved a great deal, and can now take full advantage of the FJ's potential. Well done.
  5. @Ale Vallecchi.. thank u so much again for the super adrenaline joy ride in the desert . And for a lot of criss crossing.. it was really fun!
  6. @Febin Frederic thank u... urs is beastier than mine, i drive the unli sports JL.. i still hav a lot to learn from.u guys. @siddharth maheshwari most of the time i only used D. I only used gear 1 and 2 in the playground and somtimes in refusal. .. i just never hold back my JL. Just enough momentum and throttle. . i just believe it has the power.. just like febin said, never understimate the jeep... .
  7. Just as long as you are not paying for it. It doesn't matter what he does.
  8. Just as @Febin Frederic said [email protected] maheshwari Go tiptronic 1 or 2 on climbs , 3 on smooth . I need to get my vehicle calibrated though , and do the ring n pinion due to the larger tyres - but you should be fine on stock tyres. @Frederic have the pedal commander too , it seems fine .. but yeah never even dare to go at sport+ on that.. city +2 for me thats it @siddharth maheshwari hope you are at that ( city +2 )
  9. Dear Carnity friends. I am sure all of you have safely reached home and are now enjoying the nice buzz from today’s ride. Thank you very much for taking part in this almost exploratory drive, in a lesser known part of Dubai’s desert. Here are the key words of today’s trip: Punctuality – I reached the meeting point at 4:04PM, and to my surprise I found already 3 drivers working on deflating their tires. With the last driver arriving at 4:25PM, we managed to leave in record time. Discovery – It was my second time in this area, and probably the first time for most of the drivers. We entered it after a short drive along the pylons (to avoid an extremely long came track hidden in the dunes), crossing a small technical area. The focus of the drive were the cordons of long-range dunes which make up most of this area, between Al Lisaili’s camel track and Solar Park. While we did encounter some bushes (which this year seem to resist the summer heat and drought like never before), we managed to drive mostly unhindered by vegetation, on surprisingly firm and hard sand. We also enjoyed great views, saw magnificent sandstone formations, and glimpsed at camels, gazelles and oryxes. Speed – The convoy managed to cover 72.9 Km in 3 hours and 17 minutes, at an average speed of 22 Km/h. So that casual readers may not think that we just drove on flat terrain, I should add that we climbed a total of 531 meters, having started from an altitude of 1 meter, reaching a maximum altitude of 97 meters. So we did quite a bit of ups and downs, with the climbing mostly done to criss-cross the long range dunes, and to ride their ridges. Smoothness – Considering the tricky technical dunes, with soft pockets of sand, at the beginning of the drive, and the novelty of the itinerary, where quite a bit of dune crossing is required, I had expected a few stuck and refusals, and planned accordingly, to reach Solar Park at sundown. Instead, apart for a stuck at the beginning, and one at the end by two unnamed drivers (as we say in Italy, mention the sin not the sinner), we proceeded so smoothly, with nobody experiencing any kind of problems, that after 1 hour of uninterrupted and silent driving I stopped to check that everybody’s radios were still on, and to enjoy a drink of water, which I had been unable to have due to the absolutely riveting drive. So, we ended up reaching Solar Park well before sundown, and decided to proceed through the lower part of Qudra, until we reached the exit point west of Qudra Parking Lot. I’d like to end the report mentioning the convoy order: @Kalahari as a precise and cool Second Lead, @Najeeb Mohammed in third, managing his FJ as well as I have ever seen him, @Chaitanya D following in fourth without batting an eye (commendable considering this was his second drive of the day) @Colin Jordan at Center Forward, whose task of practicing recoveries was denied, @Rinelle Sanaani and @Febin Fredericcompleting the Wrangler contingent, in complete control of their drive, @Mels Wolfsweeping an all too clean convoy, and, last but not least, our new Crew member @Srikumarsavoring his well deserved top rank in a relaxing Flying Sweep position. Thanks to all for another very enjoyable adventure, and see you soon out there.
  10. I have had the privilege of yet another amazing drive with the Legend @Gaurav supported by the @Wrangeld and @Jeepie. Despite a few issues which we had a few of the Pajero cars, we still had a fantastic drive and a lot to observe and learn from. The car heating issues popping out every now and then reminds us of always keeping an eye on the dashboard for anything not looking so normal. And communication is the key! Share it on the radio, you will definitely get advices and help.. The team drove really nice and easy today with a few small refusals but nothing major. We also had the pleasure to watch some stunning performances of our members @Gaurav, @Wrangeld, @Jeepie and @Anish S at the play areas. At some point, our sweep had some car issues as well and had to be exited and @Anish S helped us as a sweep today. A trip which was well managed and coordinated (as we had to change convoy positions once or twice) and over and above ensured the safety of all while enjoying the dunes. Thank you so much for a nice, smooth and enjoyable sunset drive☺️
  11. Hi @Febin Frederic thats a good advise . I have never tried triptronic gears. Will try that out next time. I agree that JLU is powerfull and fun when in momentum but at times when i need quick acceleration from zero or very slow speed on slopes specially with soft sand the RPM just go against . Thank you !
  12. Thanks @Brette,yes actually it clicked my mind that since @Rajeevan Vickneswaran was ahead of us, the few pictures i took still had the number plate, i zoomed it and yes indeed that's how it was tracked, i am happy he found it...and i could be of some help!
  13. To clear your doubt about throttle response on Jlu, being an owner of one, i never felt this. i always use stick shift, not "D". mostly on 1st and 2nd gear, it conquers any tall dune like a champ. Jlu has better gear ratio than Jku (non rubicon models), that said you don't need any throttle response controller. instead you can get a good set of tires (not more than 33") for good traction and may be an axle back exhaust/cold air intake. i bolted my jeep with these. @Rinelle Sanaani drives a complete stock jlu and it is an absolute monster. Never underestimate a jeep !
  14. @siddharth maheshwari Thank you so much. That's what teamwork is about! oh ya about the pictures it is as much as we can manage, i did upload some in the gallery however not too many, as the soft sand required us to keep moving. See you on the next drive..if you are ahead of us, get ready to be clicked😉!
  15. Very well deserved.... congratulations @Srikumar for the achievement...I did my very first drive with you and you taught me one of the most crucial skill which is how to control the tail when decending....from then I always apply what I learned from you n it was an eye opener for me. Having the control over tail is very important n it is one of the thing we constantly have to do while driving on the sand. Thank you so much for your support, keep it up.
  16. Thank you @Chaitanya D. Very nice to have had you in the drive. You are now in total control of your new car. Well done. Hope to see you next week.
  17. Dear @Wrangeld, dear @Gaurav, This was my 3rd Carnity Fewbie drive, 1st time at Solar Park. I was quite disappointed when I got crested at the very beginning of the ride: I still have to figure out why my diff lock didn't engage while trying to self-recover. I tried later multiple times and it always kicked in. When we eventually managed to drive a bit for real without stopping for some time it was quite enjoyable, until a moment of distraction made me lose control while sliding on a big dune, with the rear of my car literally falling downhill all of a sudden, causing a pop-out on my rear right wheel. My son, a pop-out freak, was excited as usual.., this time I really didn't feel the same way! After the 5th pop-out I am starting to consider shifting to 18" rims with a high profile tyres 265/70, slightly thinner than my current 275/60 but surely better when deflated off-road. I was told there are tyres with a particular shape of the inner edges of the shoulders which may help prevent pop-outs: recommendations would be appreciated. The biggest challenge of the day, for me, more than the soft sand, was the difficulty I experienced in reading the bright sand, despite polarized sunglasses. My latest drives were all in Mahafiz, Pink Rock, Fossil Rock, Area 53, Al Badayer, etc were the sand is much darker and much simpler to read. @Gaurav was amazingly relentless and patient in an abnormous number of recoveries and has all my gratitude for helping me out in the two instances above. I was also amused how he could ride all over the place while everyone else was getting stuck... The path was interesting and, when we had the chance to ride without stops, fast enough to have fun. @Wrangeld and @Jeepie did a great job in leading and routing, thank you both. Find today's track details below. Thanks to the whole convoy for the nice time spent toghether today.
  18. Just back from a refreshing drive and fully energized - everyone drove like on highway in the desert! Thanks @Ale Vallecchi, @Srikumar and @Colin Jordan. Well driven everyone, almost 70+ km at 40 to 60 kmph through most of it. Some pictures uploaded in gallery.
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  20. Congratulations! I had the pleasure of joining his drive today and he was unselfishly and patiently sharing his knowledge and help to all especially to newbie like me.
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