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    • @rubema my humble suggestion would be to test drive both and see which one you feel more comfortable in. I personally feel that cars have their own way of conversing with you, find out which one talks to you the way you like it. A few Dirhams more or less could end up with a realization that you should have gone with the other option. Just test drive and have a feel for each one and than decide. Just my 2 fils.
    • Sounds good for the used 400. But even when the 300 is at 153,000 dhs. Which i believe it also lost its first year depreciation at this price point? Since the original price for this car is above 178,000 dhs.
    • In that case my personal vote: 400 hp any day as it will be definitely more fun in driving, cornering and quick acceleration while overtaking from 80-120 km even at highway speed. Also saving 10k dhs will fill the gap of fuel mileage (if any) for the next 5 years, lol. Another valid point for 400 is - it has already lost its first-year depreciation than the 300 one which will hurt you less in the long run.
    • Thanks Gaurav, Yes its under warranty, but not with the Arabian Automobiles, its with Infiniti Middle East. Also about the fuel, i have not that much concern about it. All my concern is about that the 400 is used at 143,000 dhs, while the 300 is brand new at 153,000 dhs. So do the 100hp extra will let me feel that different?.
    • Thank you very much for you respond. Actually, this is the first time to buy a sporty car with 300hp or more. Also i was so confused, since more the reviews i saw was for the 400hp. There is noting special to do with 400 or the 300. All what i want is fun and powerful car to enjoy the daily 200 k/m.
    • Totally agree with Barry, on ask yourself if you wish to have 400 hp than 300, trust me more hp is super fun at a lot of times. However, knowing your 200 km daily I will advise you to research on "real" fuel mileage of both cars and go with whichever is cheaper if that is a concern for your overall financial equation. If you don't care the fuel consumption or paid by the company - hell yes to 400 hp ANYDAY. And yes 10K driven is nothing if its still under warranty with the Arabian Automobiles.