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    • 50 Points awarded to @Javier M for this "Detail DIY Post".
    • Excellent post @Javier M. Surely this will help put so many Jeep owners.
    • I am posting this just in case some of you are facing this issue in the future because this is a very common issue for all FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) owned brand cars like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. When I originally bought my Jeep probably a week after I started hearing a clicking noise coming out of the dashboard, I would hear it when I opened the door or when I was driving the noise would come up all of the sudden, one google search after and everything pointed to the AC recirculation actuator or better called A/C Heater Blend Door Actuator, one quick sear in autozone.com and I had the part number (604-029) and the price $27 USD (around 100 AED).  I called some shops and even the dealer and they all gave me the UAE "premium" price of 600+ AED literally five times or more of what the actual price in the US was. I called some shops explaining what the issue was and most of them said they needed to take a look at the car, which is pretty reasonable but I just did not want to waste my time with shops that were not familiar with this issue. Since I was convinced this was actually what was wrong with the car I decided to order it from the US. (- NOTE: I am not advising you to just buy it, I would advise you to take it to your prefered shop to confirm this is the issue). One week later it arrived and just took it to the shop and told them to install it and voilà! I never hear the noise again.       
    • I love the aircraft bolts look... this reminds me of mad max  
    • I have one word for this.... eww! 
    • Well there has been a kit available for the JK for as long as it has been out to convert it into a pickup. The company just now picked up on this.
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