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    • @Rahimdad gave you some excellent advice, but more importantly, you should always take your willingness to learn with you. Without that essential piece of equipment, the advice of experienced drivers isn't worth a damn. 
    • Welcome @BENNY THOMAS to your place for everything to do with cars. I am glad you are deciding to join us for your first taste of off-road driving. We will soon post an absolute newbie training which will help you understand the basics and know your Keep Grand Cherokee that much better. Is it the penta star V6 or the V8 version? Be very cautious with the lower lip of your bumper, better to remove before you come and try to find out the fuse for your ABS and airbag. Better to remove those while off-roading. Best to have a flag, radio and air compressor to start with. You will find more information here...  
    • hello everyone, hope you all are doing great! my JGC is 9months old and i can't wait to test it on the sands and also meet all you legends. when is the next trip which i can tag along? i see there are no upcoming events but just asking to get an idea. Apart from the default kit i got when i bought my jeep what are the essential things i should mandatorily have while offroading FOR THE FIRST TIME. Benny Thomas
    • Its the best only because you went to the desert it in first time. 
    • Till now for me it is worst car i have ever had and also best and full of joy car i have ever had  That is why i am not sure should i keep it for years or should i sell it immediately. 
    • I had a end of the line fully kitted out in immaculate condition 2001 XJ. I can say without a doubt it qas the worst car I ever had and was more than happy to see it go.  Never again.