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    • Hi @GauravI have bought myself a 2004 pajero 2 door after being impressed by u and ur ride. Fortuner didn't feel that comfy and decided to sell that and pick this up. Jeep has always been on my mind but due to my budget I decided to stick with a pajero . I guess jeep will need to wait a little longer to get into my list but will surely get one soon.
    • I think you have covered all the points very well @Frederic Nuyttens and this much due diligence should be enough to find that clean 1 in 1000 Cherokees in UAE. Only remember that don't get carried away with 999 Cherokee's and have set criteria to call and filter.
    • Hi Gaurav,  Can you define "clean" ? What are the things from your experience we should be looking at when buying a vehicle this age ? I normally check the following stuff: * History of the car IF available * Mechanical condition without going too deep in the details. Look for specific known issues on the type of car you're planning on buying. Taking a technician along to look underneath the car. * Visual condition: How well has the car been taken care off. If an owner doesn't do the basic cleaning than most-probably the servicing was also done poorly. * Mileage: does it look realistic to the car's condition ? Very high mileage while the car looks brand new is also something suspicious imho. * Test drive it. Should quickly tell you the condition of brakes, clutch, etc.. * Sand: the presence of red sand in the small crevices of the interior would mean it has been offroad and especially in more remote places. Which doesnt have to be a bad thing but it indicates the car was really used offroad,   I personally have two cars. One car that is relatively young and should be very reliable for me and the family. (no risks). My other car is my daily drive and considering i am spending less i am also less afraid to take some risks and go for a more rare and old model. This one is also my daily driver and "hobby project" as we all have     Really nice and honest review ! Definitely a car that i loved when i was growing up. The richest guy of my hometown had a full option Cherokee and back then he had quite some looks. It is a classic now and the design is timeless and can proudly be put next to a Wrangler. (note: not the many Wranglers i see in my community which are heavily modified purely for the looks and have never seen any sand). 
    • completely agree with @Gaurav. Being a 20 year old car, its very difficult to get this car in a clean condition. If the car has been abused you definitely need to be extremely cautious. @Gaurav the american guy kept it for 19 years, and his only offroad drive was to the beach and wadi's. So yes, i got very lucky.
    • Indeed its good to buy for offroading, but everyone reading this review should not miss the point that owner made to find a clean one means finding a needle in the haystack. Chances are 1 in 1000 available here in UAE is a clean one. Sri got really lucky to find an owner who owns this for last 17 years and used it almost on road.
    • Tbh this is the first review which was written very close to what an actual review is supposed to be like. Good Job SK