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    • shadow79
      Lately Don't see Kia and Hyundai with as it was before they have considerably climbed up the ladder by their work they are more reliable and not to mention their looks have a friend with a Sportage I am surprised his odo is reaching 700k it seems like milestone to me...😀
    • Chirag S.
      It has glamorous features and gives complete family SUV feeling. I don't know, how good on off-road but definitely has impressive features prima facie. I had KIA MOHAVE Top End Model before and carrying eye catcher interior features except its re-sale value. I used to take it off road as well, and was quite impressive. I hope, Telluride would have more excitement output on & off road including re-sale value!!
    • desertdude
      Ah so its even assembled in the US
    • Jeh
      "Customer loyalty and brand perception are looser than ever before, so this is probably the best time for the Korean automakers to jump into the ring."The handsome Telluride captured 10,965 sales in its first two months of availability in the U.S. and became the automaker's fastest-turning model in the nation last month, according to Bill Peffer, vice president of sales and operations for Kia Motors America. The Georgia-assembled crossover accounted for more than 10 percent of the brand's sales in April, at 5,570 units.  
    • desertdude
      Well businesses need to keep evolving and the ones that dont stagnate and eventually fail. Dozens of such examples available and just because they failed once doesn't mean they shouldn't try again. 
    • Gaurav
      No offense to Kia aspiration of adding high-end model after failing on several previous attempts with Kia Quoris on Genesis platform, I just don't understand this league is the total opposite of their core brand value. Kia is known for value for money lower end models to compete with the Japanese brand entry level models at a much lower price point. Why would anyone buy a higher-end luxury car, SUV or 4x4 with Kia badge on it.....? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kia_K9
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