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    • Yeah I know they have a bad rep for their work but Jason has always been very helpful with advice any time I’ve been stuck. I used to work for his cousin. 
    • Thanks all for the suggestions, I did get some simple advise like power jet clean the outside of the radiator grill as this must have sucked all sorts of debris, dust and there was certainly a 40% improvement while driving after, so am just going to leave it as is for now and see what happens again in the cooler months, Cheers  
    • Sorry mate they have a very bad repute among the Land Rover community here, so wouldnt recomend them to anybody. Its just bloody hot man. What do you expect. If its not overheating or running too cold and running fine, then its fine
    • If the fan never turns off, it would be worth plugging it into a computer and looking at the fan switch and relay activation states on live data. There’s a fair chance one of them is faulty. Not expensive parts either. The fan shouldn’t activate until the coolant temperature is over 90 degrees (this may be a few degrees out), so even if it’s 50 degrees outside, the fan shouldn’t come on from a cold start.  And really, 1,100 dhs to say “it’s ok” isn’t acceptable. It takes 20-30 minutes to check everything out at most. How much do they charge per hour? Speak to Jason at A2B, tell him Barry the Irish mechanic sent you. He will give you more specific advice. 
    • Same! 
      though I think AED1100 for just 'fine' wasn't fair.  It must be just for the AC! try turning it off and wait for 2-3 minutes, you must notice the fan turning off/reduction in the loud noise it makes..It might sound louder than the car its just fine.. At first even i thought something was wrong with my car but figured out for free from the internet.  
    • I have 2012 Range Rover Supercharged since few months and I also noticed this similar loud fan noise almost all the time now. I assume that in this peak summer when AC condenser is working overtime so the engine fan or AC fan must be working hard to keep the engine cooled. Have you experience this in a cooler month, as in this hot months, when you start the car inside of the car is, even more, hotter than outside and AC cooling must be working hard in summer months, to bring the cabin temp down asap. Secondly, when you cold start any car, revs, and fan is always high (1500 rpm) and then settle down in 15-30 seconds in all Land Rovers to 800-900 RPM. However, you can try this that start the car in the night and drive for 5-10 minutes with AC on. Park it outside in open area and step outside to listen if AC fan speed is slowing down after a certain interval or not. It should cut off for a few seconds in between and then restart again like 30 sec ON - 5/10 sec OFF. @Barry and @shadow79 can advise further on exact intervals. TBH, I wouldn't worry much if the dealer has inspected it and said it's fine.