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    • For all the defender boyz, V8 is back with a bang but with a hefty price  
    • I feel a mini Discovery vibe going on from these pics. It’s about time LR had a real update on the Defender.
    • If Suzuki Jimny can look like the all powerful Mercedes G wagon, than Defender needs an uplift too.
    • With spy shots, looks like Land Rover taking the defender to discovery route with boxy styling, grill, doors, and windows. Looks like another legend on the butcher shelf
    • You can just open up fill plugs and put a finger in to check the level and also the viscosity I am doubtful that it's bad unless bashed hard off road or reversed kms or parked up to the doors in water for a good time....
    • I think someone pointed it out. If the oil is in the original packing, it can stay for even 10 years and it won't have an expiry date. It chemically can't..as simple as that.   However in your engine, transfer case and gear box you do tend to have moisture ingress plus some other foreign elements. These can accelerate the degradation of the additives only, and not the oil. That's the reason why there is a possibility of a so called expiry date on the used oil.
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