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    How to scan trouble codes?

    Reading the trouble code is simple. You just need the scan tool. You can get the scan tool from any of the automobile workshop or showroom. You can either buy it or borrow from a workshop. All you have to do it connect the scan tool to the OBD II diagnostic connector in your car. The scan tool will automatically display all kind of trouble codes that is persisting in your car. Those trouble codes indicate the type of problem in your car. Not everyone knows all the trouble codes, so you can ask either the workshop person regarding the code or you can check for the trouble code online
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    Ford Edge Transmission failure

    Hi Friends, My 2008 Ford Edge with 139000 km began to show a problem when I press straight down on the accelerator but the Edge would not respond. I tried and change gear but nothing happen. At the same time observed a transmission lagging, dropping, and loud/hard changes while shifting in gear. I called the Ford dealer. They said to switch car off and back again on. After that test out car worked excellent. It began working as if absolutely nothing was wrong. Instantly Again the same has happen yesterday when I was on a road trip where it felt like transmission slipped out of gear and the wrench light came on and off. But this time I also experienced it was in neutral, it wouldn’t accelerate when I pressed the gas. I did the same switch on/off activity and it seemed excellent. I am afraid now about this continuous problem with this car. Guy's please suggest me best garage near Al quos to fix my car soon in affordable prize price. That will be great help.
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    2 Inch lift spacer for 2015 Pajero

    Ramy only has suspension set and not the spacer option, as I checked this last month: http://www.ramy4x4.com/product.php?id_product=636 Offroad zone doesnt deal with Pajero stuff at all, they specializes Jeep and FJC.
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    I am seeing the ads too much these days for renault duster in dubai showing as get the best offorad experience and reach the unreachable bla bla. Last month when I was checking and researching same car then 2 of my friends says that it will sneeze on the beach sand so let alone uae offroad experience. I really can't understand who is right and not... Can someone please shed some light on this car or suv or 4x4 (whatever they call it). Thanks.
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    I have seen in many video (never tried) all the drifters steer the car in opposite direction, as while turning right, they drift car and steer left and vice versa. what is teh logic for this and I am really curious to know?
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    2 Inch lift spacer for 2015 Pajero

    Check with Icon Auto, Ramy Trading, Yellow hat in Dubai or Tazweed in Sharjah as they might have any of the below brand spacers for Pajero. I got for my Land Cruiser few years back. ARB EmiratesKing springsRough countryRanchos
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    How many Off-road clubs are active in the UAE? I started off-road driving long ago with my dad's old beaten up land rover, and spent good amount of time in learning off-road driving in the uae for last few years. I joined few clubs in 2004 - 2008 briefly but I wasn't able to keep pace as I was not very regular in off road and started going out with my friends and family instead. Can you guys please help me list all the operational and active off-road clubs in the UAE? I have listed few that I just checked their website and Im sure this list will grow in few days. I am preparing this list for myself and all other new to off-road, as google search shows highly souped up car websites that is far from actual off-road driving. In coming few months, I like to start off-road again as my three friends with who I use to venture are leaving Dubai shortly. If you happen to drive with anyone of these clubs, appreciate some insider feedback on how active it is and what type of people generally participate in weekly drives, what are the major nationality breakdown, what level of drives you guys arrange, which part of UAE do you usually venture etc. Before anyone jump the gun in commenting why my club is below and others are on top, so to be unbiased I have made the list in alphabetical order to respect everyone. Carnity Desert Community Abu Dhabi 4x4 club Almost 4x4 Off-Road Club Arabian Offroad Academy Dubai Offroaders Emarat 4x4 Emirates Offroaders Fury Enterprises Just Offroaders Oryx 4x4 UAE Adventures Club (Facebook Group) UAE Offroaders
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    Best offroad suspension

    I am looking for votes from offroad user as to see which one is favorite for offroad here and why it is favorite? Please vote. Thanks.
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    Standard DIN is 2 inch tall, and Double DIN is 4 inch tall. DIN is the holder in which your current radio sits. If it's a single DIN radio with old style big push buttons, then you can get GCC specs radio from Sharjah used spare market for less than 50-100 AED than breaking your head to program the frequency and spending money on garage or required cables for DIY. If it's a Double DIN, then it's awesome as with this excuse you can upgrade that to more modern player that comes with big screen entertainment and multiple connectivity options wih USB and Bluetooth to play any media. Cost from 300-500 AED with installation.
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    the suspension wont rise

    Car spare parts import duty and taxes is generally charged at 5%, but the calculations are bit more complex by adding the cost of goods + shipping cost + insurance cost. You can check here the exact calculation for your requirements: http://www.dutycalculator.com/country-guides/Import-duty-taxes-when-importing-into-United-Arab-Emirates/ your calculation: http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation/saved_calculations/view_details/199894567 import duty and tax calculator: http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation
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    I am planning for a sports car after years of driving normal sedan and wondering if you guys have any reservations for either Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang? I like to hear the good and bad side of both the cars to educated decision. I am happy with the looks of either one of them, as they both look sexy enough.
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    Ford Edge Transmission failure

    Hi Arran, The problem you describe is a known issue on Ford Edge models, and it is caused by the failure of sensors inside the transmission. It can be any one of three sensors- the transmission speed sensor, the turbine sensor, the pressure sensor, or all three, so it would be wise to have all three sensors replaced. It is strange that the dealer would tell you to merely switch the engine off and on again. While this resets the sensors and the circuits they control, Ford has issues a TSB about this issue, and the dealer should have known better, since this problem is a dangerous condition to have on any car.
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    Hi, I hardly found a solution else for GCC car problem. Finally this Carnity look good and specific to GCC problem. Which caught my attention, and that the first time I saw a Forum in UAE??? I hope I can get the cure for my 2008 Jeep Wrangler. I would like to inform that I had this Jeep wrangler Sahara with GCC spec when I came to Dubai in 2009. Well I hardly had major problem with this car because I used to travel every time with Metro or in my friend car, only Friday or off day I used to drive this vehicle hardly 200 to 300 km a day. It has very nice condition from outside but seem having trouble inside now in engine. It had a run of approx. 140000 Km as of now. Just to inform that whenever I start a car it goes fine until 40 to 50 km of run and after that it started making a tapping or weird knocking sound that get worse after car happen to have heat up. I hardly understand the problem, I check the oil level it pretty fine. I went to the dealer as the car if out of warranty they want me to pay 5000 AED for such a small fix I guess. Whereas I contact the local garage he is quoting me 3200 for this repair. But both of them are not able to tell what problem is exactly!! Does anybody faced the same issue before and what could be a possible repair that I should consider in this situation? Please if somebody can explain me what problem it might have been going through will be great.
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    Best offroad suspension

    Totally depends upon the vehicle and usage. For a Wrangler, Kings first, although Radflo is the new hotness. For an FJ, ICON makes the best value pre-tuned multi-shock (2 per wheel) setup, but a case can be made for Kings or Radflo if only using 4 shocks. In any general sense, Kings and Radflos are really designed for high-speed desert racing, Icons a close third, with Fox a bit after them. The OMEs, Ironmans, and the rest are OK, but most don't offer a separate oil/nitrogen charge reservoir, which you want if hitting them hard in the desert at high speed. Nor are they as tunable as Kings, Icons, and Radflos. But let's be clear- you asked about "the best", and that ain't cheap. The best desert shock setups (8 Kings total including 4 multi bypass) will run at least 50,000 AED. Phase I of my FJ ICON setup just cost me 18,000 AED, and to add the Phase II multi bypass front shocks and rear bump stops will cost me another 12,000, at least. And I skipped the high cost options like solid aluminum billet upper control arms and matching lowers...it could have been a lot higher. So, you may want to consider what you mean as "best". And how badly you want it.
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    Hi All, I have 2004 BMW E60 525i Japan spec. Unfortunately the radio signal range is different on my car and needs resetting. Re-setting can be done through plugging computer to the car and doing necessary coding. If anyone knows any garage or person in Dubai/Sharjah who does this for a reasonable price, kindly ask you to post details below (name, phone number, location). I am trying to get the cable and learn the software on my own, but it will take time. Meanwhile, your help will be appreciated.
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    Hi, When off roading with my FJ 2014 on H4 sometimes I get a noise from the engine and a light flashes on the main panel for a few seconds. It happens normally when in soft sand. The sound last for a few seconds also, but it sounds terrible! Is that the TRC? What would you recommend? Thanks
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    2004 Range Rover Break problem

    I have 2004 Range rover with 300000 km. Seven day back while driving I notice clicking or knocking sound coming out from the driver’s side. At an average speed of 60kmph, but as soon as it obtain to 80kmph it ideally go without a disturbance. In between 50 to 60 kmph speed the abs sign changes "On" immediately. Now that signals stick to until the car engine stop. I don’t understand literally what the problem is all about. I believed it could be typical replace of brake pads. Is it? I wish it just a brake pad or disc? Or something else.
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    8 Steps to buy any car

    8 Most important steps before buying any car in Dubai and UAE Buying New or Used cars in Dubai and UAE is one of the most important and very valuable decisions that any individual or household makes. It is very difficult to find a good car from the hundreds of new cars and thousands of Used Cars for sale in UAE. That’s why many times I have been asked for car buying tips and tricks in choosing the right car model for my friends and family. So I thought of laying down my 15 years of car owning, buying and selling experience in words and try to help everyone here. It’s quite detailed and comprehensive so that it can clear many doubts, but don’t worry I made sure that I keep it to the point and very interesting to read. I am sure that after reading this you will realize that there are much more choices exists for Cars for sale in UAE other than just Toyota’s and Nissan in Dubai. Lol. Nothing in life comes for free, so the first and the foremost part are to allocate a budget that many people think is not very important at initial stage. But, trust me when I say its number one then there is a fair reason as changing your budget every week you will make your car buying experience more difficult. About 75% of car buyers in the UAE like to compare cars and hence for a fair car comparison you need to set a fix budget. You can read more here on “3 Key factors for assigning next car budget?” If you are not sure what all factors you need to consider while allocating the Car budget. Second step is to identify your Car need, which should be balanced between your emotional need and practical needs. My heart want’s cool looking 2 door sports car but with a family of 5 or 7, how do I practically enjoy that car with my family or will it be my second car for the weekend drives? All these questions you need to ask yourself honestly and decide accordingly and lock that choice to make rest of the process effective. You can read more here on “7 Car types that you should know before buying a car” Third step is to identify which Car brand or brands you like to buy or consider and why, as every car brand in today’s world is very different in behaving after couple of years of use. Some stay strong for over 10 years and some fall apart soon after the warranty. However every car brand has something special to offer, like some gives you most modern tech and gizmos than any other brand. Some offer extreme reliability, other specializes in the cheapest maintenance and so on. Sadly you can’t mix all good in one brand as every good has associated bad with it. If you fond of new tech and gizmos then slash out the reliability as no one has yet fully tested those technologies and if you like reliability then you should be happy to use the few year old proven technology that has been already perfected. You can read more here on “Top 5 best car brand types to buy” Remember that all this information is an indicative and based of several years of past experience, which may or may not co-relate after few years. Fourth step is to identify which year car year model you should choose or you can afford. If you are a new car buyer, then omit this point. Otherwise it is very important while you are in the market of used car for sale in UAE. Striking a balance between a model years vs. odometer reading is very important and as a car buyer you need to understand its importance thoroughly. This point alone is a very big game changer in identifying the right price for any used car for sale in Dubai or in UAE. Apart from year you also need to decide on full options vs. base option and entry models vs. flagship models and why? All three points are explained here “3 Secrets to choose perfect car model” Fifth step is to find the clean used cars in UAE, and this alone is havoc these days as due to quick internet education every seller and buyer is becoming very cautious and over smart. The most effective and single trusted method for finding used clean cars in UAE is to ask a single golden question: “Do you have full service history”. This question alone will filter more than 75% of the used cars and then you can focus on your mission more effectively. Off course if you know the cars in and out then you can take a bet at your own risk, but for normal average person who knows only 10% -20% basic car knowledge it’s better to rely on the service history records. This is fully explained here "One and only way to find trouble free used car" If you still need some convincing. Sixth step, relatively easy but important to know from where and how to buy the clean used cars for sale in UAE? As overtime this place has grown so much that people think that whatever legacy methods they have been using is still applicable, but it’s actually not. Just like anything else, this has also gone pass it’s saturation point few years back and now every used car buyer and seller need to know this: "5 Best places to buy clean used car at good price in Dubai & UAE" This point alone can save you so much time and money, that you will realize it only after the bad experience with the wrong guys. Seventh step is to put the reality to test and find out if all the above efforts have been followed properly or not. Once you are totally convinced with the model, odometer, condition, options etc. next is to test the car thoroughly by yourself as much as you can before you finalize or take it for further inspection with specialize technician. You should know the basic points to check the car as you don’t want to spend the technician fees for testing 5-10 vehicles, so knowing basic testing points will help you eliminate at least 75% - 80% of your car choices and only 1 or 2 will make it to professional technical test: "5 Things to check in used car before buying?" Eighth and the final step are to decide the final hand-shake price of the car. As true gentlemen you should always stick to your words while doing the negotiation. And never ever give your final offer if you are not serious to buy, or have some doubt before the final testing. Keep the seller in clear picture that you suggest an “indicative price” depending on the final inspection. I have seen major drama stories happening at the testing center when both buyer and seller are right and still deal fall apart because of the lack of clarity in communication. For putting the genuinely right price of any car if you spend 10 – 15 minutes with basic math you can do it yourself and don’t require any price comparison website. I have laid out the best practice that is been followed by insurance companies for over a decade to put a fair value price on any used cars here "4 Most important factors impacting used car price" Remember if you buy it right, you will enjoy it and not lose an arm and a leg while selling it. This is kind of must-read of all the above eight points. Disclaimer: I have written this and all linked articles to help my friends and family and other car enthusiast’s like you. This is purely based on my own experience. If you know anything more than this I am happy to edit these articles any time. Please leave me a comment and I will accept your changes and improvise these as soon as I can. If you like reading these articles and it helped you in anyways, please pass on the knowledge to others and use below red like to show your appreciations.
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    Recovery Gear Below is the most comprehensive list of all commonly used off-road gears and basic recovery tools - this is the stuff everyone needs and it has to be easily accessible at all the time, while driving in off-road terrain (Sand and Rocks). MANDATORY KIT AIR COMPRESSOR Bush Ranger Black Max, ACE @ Festival City. Also available Pro Air, Max AirII at different price points. ARB Air Compressors from ARB Abu Dhabi (call up and order, will deliver C.O.D) Chinese stuff at Dragon Mart - if you're feeling lucky. Other compressors at Carrefour/other Hypermarkets or car accessory shops are not really recommended. RADIO / WALKIE TALKIE Motorola, allegedly 20 mile radius, from the small Sabka shops Dhs.325 Dragon Mart, higher output (will fry your ears), cheaper, clearer. TOW ROPE / SNATCH STRAP Bush Ranger heavy duty tow (dhs.200 or so) or Pro snatch kit (Dhs500+) from Ace Viking rope from Robbie's Garage (to the left of Times Square, Shk Zayed Rd) Dhs265, I think. Kinetic Rope from International Trading Co. Opposite Everhot Water Heater - Al Qusais. SHACKLES Are available at ACE, 3.0 T to 4.75 T very reasonable rates, make sure you get the shackles with the screw and not the pin-type shackles. SAFETY FLAG - available from shops that sell Quads, alternately use Fishing Rods fastened with a bolt to the spare tyre rig, also available is the FireStik range at Robbies which is very expensive but very neat and professional). You may also want a gutter-mount for the same (if your vehicle has a rain gutter). SHOVEL Fancy chome-plated stuff rom ACE or other accesory shops - expensive & of debateable utility. Bushranger tri-fold shovel with its own cover - about as expensive, easier to carry. Regular construction shovel from a hardware or construction material store - Dhs.25 and much more effective but not so compact. Fiskars super-lightweight camping shovel. Most expensive but is also lightest (you want to carry sand, not metal!). I recommend this, but this is very budget-sensitive. BASIC FIRST AID KIT Available at all pharmacies, auto kits available at ACE and some specialized offroad joints, you can also put one together yourself or your vehicle may have one supplied with it. Should contain: Gauze (Large, Medium & Small sizes) Sticking Plaster & Adhesive Strips (Band Aid variety) Surgical Cotton Surgical Spirit/Antiseptic Basic medication/ointment for minor cuts and bruises Burnaid other burn treatment Scissors & Forceps Cotton Buds BASIC TOOLKIT + FIRE EXTINGUISHER + JUMP STARTER CABLES + USABLE STEPNEY HYDRAULIC JACK & STRONG WOODEN PLATFORM/PLANK (or HiLift Jack base) An alternative is the very expensive and equally heavy but neatly packaged Exhaust Jack Series II (dont buy Series I) from ACE, its upwards of Dhs.800. A Hi-lift jack is something a lot of people like to carry prominently like some sort of badge, but this is of doubtful utility in our really sandy terrain. Very useful in Wadis etc. DEFLATION KIT Valve remover for tyres - most tyre shops Dhs.10/- Pen-type pressure gauge (marked in PSI, not LbFt) - Dhs.25/- most car accessory shops. Other gauges are also available, the pen-type stuff is considered good. Use trusted brands like Milton, PCL, ARB, Victor, Rolson or Monkey grip. 4 Spare Tyre Valves to replace any lost while deflating. CAN FOR ADDITIONAL FUEL FOR LONG TRIPS Available from Ace Hardware, good for long distance trips where you are not sure about the petrol stations on the way, very handy in places like Liwa. YOUR VEHICLE SHOULD HAVE RECOVERY POINTS - FRONT AND REAR. OPTIONAL ADDITIONS Collapsible water can from ACE (Dhs.35 or so). Cool box with ICE (also useful for medical emergencies) and fluids of your choice (for more guidance, ask Kash). Cargo Net & Elastic Tie-downs to keep things securely fastened. GPS - Make sure it can store way points, record a track and pay the track back in reverse. Miscellaneous stuff that you should never need, but would want to keep handy - tire sealant gel/foam/goo, radiator leak-stopper (powder that you pour into your leaky radiator), exhaust leak fix (for small leaks, not cracked exhausts), flashlight, etc from ACE. Just to be on the safe side, one small 5 litre fuel can (Dhs.25 from any petrol station) and a manual siphon hose to borrow fuel from others (15-20 bucks). Duct Tape, Insulation Tape, Bush Knife/Pen Knife & Plastic Zip Ties. For camping trips - collapsible chairs/tents/sleeping bags/lanterns/BBQ kits/use your imagination. Small bottle of concentrated liquid Camp Soap or Dettol Hand Sanitizer + lots of Kleenex/tissue rolls. Working gloves to handle hot stuff in the engine bay + cloth/cotton waste. AAA or IATC Assistance as a sort of insurance for major breakdowns. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you need assistance or further information.
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    Hey People, I really enjoy driving this amazing beast or a luxury car on Dubai road. It been one of the most special car to after coming to Dubai. I love this car a lot. I would like to raise one small problem happen last night after visiting Dubai mall. Everything was going great and I went to mall with my family to enjoy some shopping, well the car was park when I reach without any hassle. But when I am back to get my car from parking my family was waiting to the exit door I notice a problem in shifting from ""P"" to ""D"" mode. When I was trying to move the gear lever from parking to drive mode it was making a scratch sound. I did not realize what has happen, I tried at least 6 time to get it to the driving mode but all the trial was failed with scratching sound. I was scared I don’t know what has happen suddenly to the car. I came down from the car and give a final try after 10 minutes, I pushed brake and tried to remove a safety key and put it back and tried again, this time with the god grace it started and easily shifted in to drive mode. I don’t understand how! But again now at this time after reaching to my home safely I found another problem where I was not able to shift the gear into ""R"" the shifter was not catching the gear! Well at 11 pm in the night I did not bother to indulge more time, because it seem my car had a severe issue in shifting gear into ""P"" and ""R"". I hope I am thinking in a right direction?? Is gearbox gone for a toss? Is there any cheaper fix to repair it, as I am sure gearbox in this big beast must be damn expensive. Any cost effective ideas guys....?
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    the suspension wont rise

    hey guys i am a owner of audi quattro 2008 model, recently i have noticed that the air suspension will not rise i have never had issues like this previously but one morning ci start the car and i wont rise so i switched it off and restarted the car but it still got stuck in the down position. any clue what cud be the problem
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    I always get amazed with car manufacturer thinking that they have developed so many new technologies and still all car manufacturers are ignoring the engine overheating aspect. I am yet to see a car that is designed with simple sensor logic to shut-off car engine by killing the fuel or air supply as soon as engine temperature rises by more than 10-15%. Are these all manufacturers not doing this intentionally so lot of amateur blows their engine and they make good business from spare parts and repair....? Shame on them. I just heard from a poor guy in my office who blew his engine this morning, due to lack of coolant as car radiator was leaking and he did not noticed and hence his engine temperature hit the MAX red zone and then died. Now car is not starting at all.
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    Hi Audi owner, I would like to discuss problem in my Audi A8 and believe to get a useful answer to resolve this issue. I purchased Audi A8 from Dubizzle just 2 month ago. It's 2011 model with over 190000 km approx. Just after 1000 km of run it began creating problem for me. I experienced my car is creating strange noise whenever I go over a bridge or flyover, or bad street. At some point I believe vibrations, excessive bouncing, car does not feel steady whenever I break I feel like I am driving bike with big shock-up in front. Also whenever I drive through a bump, my car tires literally bounce up and down nonstop. It happen usually getting all the way down from flyover majorly and speed breakers. I think Audi has some manufacturing problem or may be something else. I am not sure from where this sound is turning up and what the problem is! This is completely new and annoying to me. This noise disturbance is horrifying or annoying to me. Well I went to Audi supplier in Dubai and say the same problem, as per car auto mechanic information they don't discover any danger in my car!! Or maybe they don't want to acknowledge it as they might not have remedy for it. On the other side while looking online there are series of same problem that owner are facing!! I am not sure how I could fix this matter and where I should take my car because I hardly know any Audi nice garage. I wish somebody might aware of this matter here and help me with some appropriate proactive approach. I also want to understand what problem it could be, from where this noise is coming?
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    The top 5 most common Car problems Car not starting The single most common car problem is the car not starting and that has series of things to check and troubleshoot before calling a recovery and sending for detail diagnose. Low on fuel: If car is extremely low on fuel and fuel pump is weak and/or old it will not build enough pressure to start the car as fuel delivery is very less. To counter this, always keep fuel more than 1 quarter of a tank. Dead Battery: If battery health indicator turn white, it means its dead. Green is good, empty means that battery is fully discharge and can be recharge by jump starting the car and then driving the car for more than 20 minutes to start the charge cycle. If car interior lights and headlights are dimmed then it’s a sign of weak battery that stop retaining the charge for certain cranking amps and failing to start and changing the battery is required. Choked Air filter: Check the air filter and it should look clean and free from dust and practically in a white or lighter color (depends on brand). If it’s fully clogged, choked and turn to darker color then remove it out and tap it on the floor gently couple of times to remove the dust as much as possible or use compressed air to blow the dust away. If car starts, then change the air filter asap as it’s not good to suffocate the car air delivery passage, that will burn more fuel and have difficulty in start up again very shortly. Car wobbling or pulling on one side Car majorly wobble due to unbalance wheels. No matter how good they were balanced in the past this problem can still occur, by simply hitting or scrubbing the pavement that removed the wheel balancing small metal strip accidentally. While balancing the wheel it is important to see Zero | Zero on both left and right side of the wheel to make sure it is 100% balance. In off-road cars, little bit of sand can get in the tire that makes similar wobbling as that sand keep rotating inside the tire. So get the tire open and remove all the sand from inside and then balance the wheels. Last but not least this can also happen if all 4 tires are inflated at different PSI level. Always inflate the tires as per OEM specification sticker placed on the driver door side (when open). In some cases (not so common) car can also wobble while having a drive-train issue, axle issue or faulty suspension. These all require professional diagnose and repair accordingly. Reason for car pulling on one side is the wheel alignment and that is totally different than balancing. Alignment is much quicker than getting all wheel balance and done faster and cheaper. Alignment will keep your car steering straight on road and also save your tire from uneven wear. Check engine light This one is the big Pandora box that can get on for so many minor to major reason that to list all of them here will require a separate book for each brand. However, in general “Check engine Light” comes for below most common reasons: Car is due for service. Fuel cap is not closed properly. Crank sensor, Cam shaft sensor need replacement. Faulty spark plug, HT lead (plug wire) or faulty ignition coil. Engine oil level depletes due to leak or internal combustion. Air filter is not set properly, or air flow meter on air filter housing got loose. Issues with emission control and some of the emission component need change. Engine Overheating Most dangerous and often neglected that result in huge repair bills. Always keep an eye on Engine temperature gauge inside the car dashboard. STOP the car immediately if it rises even slightly and inspect the below items immediately: Check the level of coolant in reservoir bottle, if low top-up immediately. Check the level of coolant in the radiator (when car is cold), if low top-up immediately. Check radiator fan is working in two speed: low (normal) and high (when car is hot). Check if there is no leak in the radiator and neighboring big black water hoses. AC fan works, when you switch on AC and shuts off when you switch off AC. If you pay attention to above 5 points, you will save over 75% chances of your car getting overheat and save your engine. Hope you know if car engine overheat to the max ONCE, it has over 90% chances that you need either new engine or rebuild old engine that cost almost 60%-70% of the engine cost. So make sure your eyes are always glued to the engine water/coolant temperature gauge and you notice the rise in time and stop to diagnose. If in doubt, do not drive if car is overheating in idle. Period. Screeching noise while braking In simple words, if you hear screeching noise while braking then change the brake pad shortly as they are going to screech even more in next few days to remind you for the required maintenance. While changing brake pads, front set of pads get consumed 3 times faster than the rear ones as over 70% of the time car only uses front brake and not rear. It’s only when car is under full load or high speed hard braking engage all 4 brakes together to stop your car faster. While at it you also should pay attention to brake disc condition, and should always get the brake disc skimmed if your brake pad change was delayed and constant metal scratching caused the serious scratches on the brake disc surface. Secondly, brake disc has certain minimum thickness and if it’s lower than the threshold thickness (mm) then it is highly advisable to change it ASAP for safe braking. Check your car repair manual or speak to service adviser to find out the minimum thickness of brake disc for your car model. Headlight or Taillight not working First thing to doubt when the headlight or tail light fails is the electric fuse, which is simple do-it-yourself job and replace any blown out fuses. If fuse were fine then you can check the lamp placed inside the tail light or head light and see if that is blown out, just like our house bulb it also breaks the filament after certain age. These two above steps can be simply performed by reading your car owner manual instructions. Beyond this point to check the switches, wiring, distribution points you will need a professional assistance to carry out a thorough check with a certified car electrician.

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