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    Thanks for the suggestion, as we are always looking for such feedback from the car enthusiast's. Be rest assure that we will add Renault brand forum in next few days.
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    I have been active on this forum for the past few days and realized that there is nothing for Renault. I am sure with sales soaring specially for the Renault Duster, there should be quite a few enthusiasts looking for where to share their Renault stories. Kindly request the moderators to start a Renault thread.
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    After all these false claims we will still drive cars produced by liars, as grown ups we know that many factors affect fuel consumption. After cribbing for some time we will all go back living our normal lives, buying cars, filling them up at fuel stations and driving them knowing we are never going to achieve the fuel figures the manufacturers claim.
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    and with windows closed and AC off and mostly below 20 C climate and with winter tires (higher wall size offering longer distance per tire rotation and slime road touching surface offering lower fraction to the road surface and less power needed for speed and finally a lab certified fuel grade which is not available as fuel quality varies due to countries laws and availability and varies due to climate.
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    In Canada the say FORD for Fix Or Repair Daily LOL
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    check the coolant age as it\f it's more than 3 or 4 years you need to replace it Check the coolant pump pressure as the coolant is not circulating efficiently it would over heat faster than usual check coolant thermostat (the therm-mechanical) as if it's not opening on specified temperature or opening partially it would over heat and finally (worst case scenario) use a towel to squeeze water hose during over heat if it's sold and not flexible to be closed by hand pressure so you have a gas leak from cylinders heads to cooling jacket that would require replacing heads gaskets and some time surfacing the heads.
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    Thanks treks for rubbing on my face here, hate you indeed. lol. I and barry are still under test run to see what we can actually do. We reduced the missing slightly by using fuel additive, engine flush and by putting some kms on this left out soul. Btw, I had a nice desert drive today even with that slight missing and Pajero performed almost great.
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