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    New set of RTA fines for all UAE emirates gonna be implemented soon and they seem to be very strict this time with heavy monetary fines, impounding vehicles and black points. All passengers seat belt is mandatory or fine for 400 dhs - VERY NICE Drunk driving - license bye bye for 1 year - AMAZING Best is reckless driving now 3000 dhs fine with 23 black points and 60 days vehicle impounding. WOW EXCELLENT I can see some great and really thoughtful thinking in authorities head before coming up with such nice penalties for road users here. It's really much needed considering the everyday traffic madness. Good job RTA and Police
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    Thread revival. Applying protectant that offers UV protection can preserve the original look of the dash and prevent it from cracking.
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    Cant wait!!! I am amazed the amount of children I see sitting on parcel shelf....5 in the back seat.....Nannies with Babies on there knee with a seat belt wrapped around both! I have 4 children and the car does not move until they are in and belted up! Stay Safe Greg
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    Honestly, I don't think the fines are big enough to be a deterrent but I would love to see them well enforced, especially the seatbelt one. It only takes one person in a car not wearing their seatbelt to kill everyone else.
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    Deira market opp hyatt regency, you have many shops for same: Fani, Doha, Gulf Star, Gulf coasts, Golden wheel, car mart, deira star, city star etc. Look around here: https://goo.gl/maps/ZHFynGMBZv72
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