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    Hi Oliver, it would be much better to have a tow hook at the back as well. Maybe the lead can shed better light @Gaurav Regarding the BBQ, we would be ending the drive near the road and those who wish to join for BBQ can come. If you wish to leave early someone after the BBQ some one will accompany you till the road. Also, we have never left anyone in the desert. I am saying this out of personal experience when I was a Newbie in carnity.
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    Sheesh didn't know I even had them, since I always skip notifications and pretty much hated here all around.
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    Yeah I assume there arn't that many Mustangs in SA, so people don't stock the bits. But the thing is this place is crawling with jap eco boxes. But without sounding insulting and stereotyping people, people who drive said jap eco boxes are the kind who are really careful with their money to say it politely, vehicles are just transport white goods to them or they have bought them second hand at dirt cheap prices and don't want to spend a penny more on them than needed to get them back on the road. Even if the patch up job is going to last a couple of months at most. Also a big factor here is people not doing so well economically and living paycheck to paycheck, and get dragged into buying these jap eco boxes because of the general impression people have here of excellent MPG and dirt cheap repairs, When something goes wrong on the said abused and hack job patched up jap lemon they just bought, they really can't afford any decent repairs as they just can't afford a one time proper fix, But can afford cheap fixes a few times a years. So parts people just stock the real ass end cheap bits, So the vicious cycle of crapped out old jap eco box lemons and shitty aftermarket junk parts continues.
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    Answering someone question from the PM Last week I had 27 likes and a few days later jumped to 67, now dropped to 61 in a week: My secret is whenever I take good pictures and share in gallery everyone likes that and my like count jumps up @Barry @treks & @skumar83 secret is, they genuinely help people and get likes from them & others who agree with them @desertdude get likes by sharp and twisted comment that many people like and hate at the same time, lol @Rahimdad gets by pics like me and also by helping others @Jeh & @sertac shares new stuff, tech, awe post or funny memes @Asif Hussain & @EmVarlet are a silent observer but sometimes speaks little that worth more than a thousand words. So the bottom line is there is no one recipe to get maximum likes but you can be creative in your own way. My technical knowledge is not even a fraction of what Barry, Treks, and Shadow have to help people with so many specific solutions but still, I help till the point I can and be friendly and call others who can help.
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    I think the secret is being involved in the community and sharing. It could be anything car related. Verified car news, pics in the Gallery or just directing someone to the right direction even if you do not know about the subject yourself. Hope this helps.
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    @Gaurav: Yes. The tow hooks are inplace and intact.
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    To be honest i am worried. Also i received a video from Emmanuel yesterday, they were blocking the approaching point of Faya. We have a saying in Turkey. You might be a wet wood but when the dry wood start burning you will also get burn with it.
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    Oh finally a modern Ferrari I like the looks of, if you exclude the front end that is. I will have to declare my grumpy old man card here and say not a fan of exotic, super or hypercars. 99% of which spend all their time sitting in a climate control garage in some rich old farts collection and one or twice a year taken to the golf course for the annual celeb charity game.
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    1st task to make sure its not a US import as majority are insurance write offs and/or flood damaged and cheaply repaired here, you can run the VIN through carfax at a slight cost if an import to get a service and accident history. Also you can run the VIN number through copart and autoio websites and see the actual pics of the state of damage it was in. ( if the car was sold through them, since they are the biggest auction house of salvage us cars the chances are high of that happening ) Requires some legwork if you spot a deal, not all US salvage imports are total junkers, sometime the insurance companies will write off cars with minor damage like a small fender bender
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    The 599 GTB Fiorano was the next in line of Ferrari’s production V12s. Delivering over 600 horsepower, and combining elements of classic design language with modern aerodynamics; these cars proved extremely desirable and superb to drive, especially when equipped with the brand’s optional 6-speed gearbox. Tomini Classics proudly presents this superlative 599 GTB Nibbio Zagato, one of nine cars built, and the only example of the series to ever be equipped with a manual gearbox. DETAILS STOCK NOFER-078 YEAR2007 BODYCOUPE ENGINE5,999CC V12 EXTERIORDARK BLUE INTERIORBLUE MILEAGE26,772 KILOMETRES TRANSMISSIONMANUAL LOCATIONTOMINI GALLERY - DUBAI DESIGNED BYZAGATO PRICE $1,495,000
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    @Emil it will be really sad that you will not be able to make it. We look forward to seeing you again soon. @Olivier Refalo as @skumar83 said we do not leave anybody behind. It will be difficult if you do not have rear tow hooks, on my Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi I did not have rear tow hook also, but there was a space to attach a tow ball where I could fit the shackles. Please confirm and let us know if there is any space to attach shackles in the back?
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    Happy journey.. Please decline in calender. See you next time
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    Hi, considering joining the clan with my Jeep Grand Cheerokee 5.7. Only point, it doesn't have hooks in the back. I took a 5h sand driving introduction with Marco a few weeks ago. Can't wait to experience my first real drive. Would you accept one more car? Also, I see that the BBQ ends at 9pm, are you considering sleeping over? What about us, newbies left alone in the middle of the desert? Cheers,
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    You can get them in Sharjah Industrial Area or in Ajman (behind Nissan showroom). There is a shop named Jumaira which keeps it. You can probably call them first before going there Sahel Jumaira Auto Spare Parts Trading Ajman 06 748 0193 https://goo.gl/maps/YX6BmwPXvot
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    You can do it more reliably and for a lot less money. Honda S2000 hits 9k. Real screamer of an engine but the most interesting thing is that it spins backwards. You can adjust the Rev limiter on ECU equipped cars easily, or remove it completely if you have uprated rods and are feeling brave. One of my first cars had no limiter and it was a lot of fun to drive. You just have to be aware of it, have some self control and watch your gearshifts. I never had an issue with it but the guy who bought it from me blew the engine in less than a mile.
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    Not all used driveshafts are fully used. I have recently bought a half cut Japanese Pajero with 68K on the odometer, still, most of the parts are in good nick and fully usable.
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    I was wondering about why people would even consider fitting used driveshafts,but this response puts the issue in perspective for me.
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    Totally agree, you call it a fish market and I call these gold souq and meena bazaar
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    Think of it as a blessing in disguise, there are so many nice areas to drive in, why would anyone want to drive in those chewed up off road fish market in the first place Even when I was actively involved in off roading I avoided these faya, maliya big red fish markets. A zillion fools descend on these and shit is bound to happen. P.S : Im just translating the text in the pic, nothing else. Although source of that info is unverified.
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    I agree with this. What you get in terms of aftermarket quality depends as much on the market you are operating in, as it does on the make and model you are buying aftermarket spares for. For instance, in my market, I will not find aftermarket Mustang spares for love or any amount of money, while high quality CV joints for Camry's are available from any spares shop.If I wanted Mustang spares,I have to get them from a Ford dealer and wait several months for them to arrive, or import them myself.
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    sorry for chipping in late but i have a better idea for the adnoc funda just get a 20 liter can and go stand at the right side filling nozzles if the pipe is unreachable you will surely benefit from that as most cars have left side filling cap
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    Sorry to be a pedant. Not all aftermarket parts are junk. Cheap pattern aftermarket parts are junk. Some aftermarket parts are higher quality than OEM. You need to do you research before buying. I recently built a mustang, all aftermarket parts, nothing original other than glass, and it runs a quarter mile 4 seconds than standard and hasn’t broken down yet.
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    Not all American cars are junk. I’ve fixed American cars that were written off because they needed 2 doors and were a cheap fix. Carfax is your friend here. Just remember when you go to sell again, most people do no research and automatically assume all imports are junk so you could loose a chunk of money.
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    Thanks, just make sure that your FJC front and back tow hooks are intact.
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    @Barry i didn't mention additives, I mentioned adulteration. If you ever go to Ajman / Sharjah Industrial Area you will find plenty of diesel tankers and one of the biggest business for the testing laboratories in that area is to check the sulphur content, flash point and distillation range of each tankers. Bigger companies that buy huge quantities of diesel setup their own in house lab to do the testing. I have personally worked in the Diesel business and I can assure you it's a complete mafia. Fuel distribution by private sector is not regulated by the govt. Also, just say I subscribe to CAFU monthly service and need a refulling 5-6 times a month, how is it that they would be viable by charging only AED 45 for this service ? For me the peace of mind of buying petrol at the gas station far outweighs the risk of buying petrol from a private party. That's what i mentioned when Carnity had posted the news. This was a very smart way to ensure that the rich don't have to wait in a line to fuel their cars. If they really wanted to implement the proper way there should be no separate line for self serving customers. Both lines can be combined like before. Anyone who needs the attendant to fill the petrol can be charged at that particular point. This would eliminate the line at Self Serving Station
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    As far as anyone drives sensibly and not recklessly - driving and kicking tires in 2WD and endangering others and his own life, I don't think authorities will have an issue with that. Our high-level drives include the difficult terrains but still, we drive sensibly and adhere to all safety aspects and always point out drivers when they are two-wheeling on top of dunes. Hope you remember that
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    I had the Amaron installed on my Disco 1 which I used for 4 years and when I sold it the battery was still running strong. Maybe British vehicles use less battery.
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    Finally my Pajero Yuasa battery died last week after 1 year and 3 months, makes me believe that it was a fake Yuasa battery with made in Japan printing only. Finally after lot of attempts I got Amaron battery and hope this one lasts more than any other batteries based on so many positive reviews I have heard about it.
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    See if you can contact @Barry through the forum here, and twist his arm to run a diagnostic for you. He has a professional-grade computer, and he know how to use it, so he might be your best bet.
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    Hello All, apologies, I will not be joining you for this week’s drive. Traveling right now and back on Sunday. Excuse me this time.
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