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    first of all before starting your car do the basics check the engine oil level (if low top it up) then check the water not in the reserve but from the pressure cap on top radiator (other places on various models) also if less please top it up and also do notice if its leaking or not then start your car and try to listen for any abnormal noise if all seems fine then you sure can drive the car but keep an eye on the heat gauge and on the oil light and try to reach a workshop which can further diagnose the car for you through a computer diagnosis machine what i can make out from your message is that some sensor is communicating in a funky way to cause the light to come on but better be safe then sorry and end up fixing things when it has already hit the fan and please do let us know whats up by updating this post so everyone can benefit from this conversation
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    Hi @Neyaz welcome to Carnity. For a better and most effective response, you should add below background details: Which car is that? How many kms driven? From how long own this vehicle? When was the last service or scheduled maintenance done? Little reference of before and after this incident happen - driving for a long time, high speed, in traffic etc.
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    I bought my car only for a few weeks ago and it had this aftermarket bumper installed. So I'm sure it has a towing point. The back is still standard. I will check today to be sure. I thought you were talking about the hook itself, which I don't have.
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    Any new working money generation idea get plagued in months time. Looting business of sell my car and sell his car and sell all car with billions of versions seems good business model and plagued the UAE in last few years. Though I am still surprise how people are parting their cars for 50-60% of its cash value or these buggers are faking.....! I come across new stuff, and just wanna be first to share here about car switch. Too complicated mechanism and too many hassle involved, but they claim to be half of the looting vampire that of what sell any car business model is. They offer minimum price as bullshit as others and then say we will list for 10 grant more in their daunted website and share 10k in 50:50. So practically speaking I am paying them 5K to list my car in their unheard classified website. Yeah right.....!
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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a second hand car but I'm kinda lost when it comes to which one to go for. I've been considering Wrangler, Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser, Montero Sport... Definitely a 4x4 or SUV as I camp a lot, sleeping in the car (for now I use my friend's Montero Sport). The dilemma is that I have been reading a lot about the best car or 2nd or 3rd best for off-roads, but I'd also need it to go to work (I live in Dubai but work in Ajman...). So... here goes my requirements: - A 7 seater preferably. Or at least a big car that I can manage to put the back seats down and use it to sleep, as I don't always feel safe while camping on my own. - I would need it for off-road driving. I always end up driving in wadis, over big rocks, mountains, gravel, in the desert, etc. I'm also planning a road trip driving around Africa this summer... - As I mentioned above, I'd need to use it to go to work. I can't afford having 2 cars... - Budget is around 40K. Can push it to 50K for the right car. - GCC specs, not too many km... Please, I can change tyres and have basic knowledge of mechanics, and I'm also willing to take more advanced mechanic courses or whatever if needed. So no 'this is not an option for a woman' BS. Thank you in advance Jamy
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    Lc 100 series is from 97 to 07 if you are gonna convert it to manual then I suggest you get one whose gear is already shot so you save some while using the gear chip New one although it has many options and is intelligent when you are stuck self recovering with almost no human intervention but still all those goodies are electronic so totally depending upon them will make you a lazy good for nothing spoon fed hunk
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    I second the recommendation for a Land Cruiser 100 series. Having spent over a decade in the Desert Safari field these were are daily mules and been all over the deserts and mountains of this country in them. And checks all your boxes. Power wise there really isn't much difference between a V8 VXR and the straight 6 GXR. And you can hardly feel the 40HP difference. But the VXR or and the Lexus variant the LX have a lot of bells and whistles and some top spec VXRs and all LX470s have adjustable ride height a great addition for off roading. Saves you the trouble of modding and spending extra on lift kits and shit. But be careful a lot of ex safari fleet and abused shabab Cruisers are in the market. Also the V8s are a little bit of a pain to work on and maintain but reliable as fcuk not to say the 4.5 straight 6 is unreliable. The V8s Need timing belt replacement every 100k kms which is a PITA to do. And most ancillaries are deep inside.
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    Forget about the last question. I've just looked it up and the price is way too high...
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    @amir.rophail welcome to Carnity off road club. Sure we will make sure we let you out by 10 am. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
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    Noted! I'll give it a try then with Carnity off-road group, as soon as I get a lc... Thanks for the tips Should I consider getting a brand new car? As second hand options might also end up being expensive depending on what needs fixed and adjusted for my needs...
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    mention not welcome to the clan that's what carnity is all about hearing out and trying helping everyone converting to manual is not a easy thing it requires time and labour depending on the kind of work you can expect to pay from 12k to 15k as the gear and the transfer case has to be changed plus the clutch paddle setting with a auto you can achieve any terrain but with the manual you can go at it with ease only if you know how to push it in the right place when i say diesel it means it has a marginally little less hp in it then the petrol one which is more common in this region i can say most of the other off road groups really can't compete with the carnity off road group the guys here are really different and i am sure you will get to learn things some you might not even heard of when you are on the drives in this group
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    First of thanks a lot for your quick response. Is converting an automatic to manual relatively easy and affordable, here in the UAE? What other goodies would you recommend me to get? The trip around Africa is for 6 weeks max only. I intend though to go on road trips here in the UAE and nearby countries during the weekends and other holidays... When you say "but it's a diesel one" does that mean it's not a good option? I get what you mean by patience and thinking out of the box... I do have some of that and I definitely intend on "training" some more through joining some off-road driving groups and learn as much as I can from the experience. Thanks again!
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    if you inclined to take a trip to africa then land cruiser is the way to go prior to 07 models you will get parts easily there and try to get a 6 cylinder manual one will be easier to maintain all the other cars you mentioned don't have much room as compared to lc 100 lc100 can take whatever you throw at it without giving a hoot in 40k you can get a auto and then convert it to manual (as there is very less clean manuals around) and put few more goodies too 8 cylinder and specially the 6 cylinder petrol is only available for MENA market others run the 8 cyl version the australian version has a 6 but its diesel one being out in the open away from humanity and still being able get things moving not only needs mechanical know how but patience and out of the box thinking
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    i have put amron in my lancer when i got the plates for it and after 4 renewals its still alive and kicking i usually try to get amron for my customers who are ready to cough up and for the rest anything goes as long as the price is low but for some cars the size is not available specially for american ones lately i am seeing a trend that the battery dies at exactly at 12 months and few days and amrons price has increased a bit and they are offering 18 months warranty as of now many nissans and german and american cars usually kill the battery earlier if you use the cheaper variety and the battery which has come in car from america runs longer i had a customer who bought a toyota sienna used with custom papers had one battery whose name i have never seen in this market it was a green with a gray top it lasted him 4 years here who knows how much it had run back in the states....
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    @Javier M thank you for the illustration. @ace1988 congratulations on your new toy, looks amazing. See you tomorrow.
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    Have you found this type of service yet? Anyone here used car switch and what are there reviews about car switch experience in successfully selling their cars? How long time it actually took during the initial visit and listing the car? Do you take your car to car switch dubai office or do they come to your house? Do you ahve to leave your car with them while viewing in progress? Do they really get good cash buyer offer or just last price calls?
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    @ace1988, that's strange for a Rubicon. You would have tow / recovery points at both the front and back. Just have a look again. This is quite essential for the drive
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    I'm calling bullshit on that one, you'd be lucky to reach Sharjah in an hour during peak rush hour.
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    You can get them in Sharjah Industrial Area or in Ajman (behind Nissan showroom). There is a shop named Jumaira which keeps it. You can probably call them first before going there Sahel Jumaira Auto Spare Parts Trading Ajman 06 748 0193 https://goo.gl/maps/YX6BmwPXvot
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    Wow crazy. I remember the first time I posted on here. I was trawling through the uae car forums looking for a place to fit in and make friends and chat to some like minded people. I settled into carnity and this is what I found. I’ve met so many good people and made a lot of close friends along the way. May your God(s) bless you all. If you don’t have a God then may you have the best of luck. I wish Carnity all the best and look forward to seeing you grow and go from strength to strength.
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    How to diagnose / replace Spark plug? Faulty spark plugs can be a major cause of poor running and poor fuel economy. They eventually wear out over time and need to be replaced. They are also a good indicator of the general condition of an engine and how it is running, i.e. if they are black and oily it could mean worn piston rings or valve stem oil seals, if they are black and sooty it indicates an over rich fuel mixture which could be a blocked air filter, a faulty temperature sensor causing the engine to over fuel or any other number of things. I have posted a picture below showing some of the most common problems here. Thankfully, changing spark plugs is a simple task you can do it by yourself and it doesn’t take too long. You will need a ratchet, extension bar and a spark plug socket to suit your size of plug. It is possible to use an ordinary deep wall socket but a dedicated spark plug socket is better as it has a rubber insert which clips onto the top of the plug and helps you withdraw it easily. Your motor factor/parts supplier will advise you on which plugs your car requires or check below in multiple manufacturer to be sure. NGK spark Plug finder Denso spark plug finder Bosch spark plug finder Champion spark plug finder Pull the wires off the top of the spark plugs. Always pull them by the insulator, try not to pull the thin part of the wire or you can damage it. Always remember which order you removed them in or the car won’t run properly if they are connected in the wrong order or may not run at all. Sometimes it helps to put a bit of tape on the end of the wire and write the cylinder number on it. If the car has a coil over plug ignition system rather than ordinary wires, remove the coil packs first. You now have access to remove the plugs. Put the socket over the end and rotate anti clockwise until the plug comes out. Be careful if the engine is warm, use gloves to hold the plugs otherwise you can burn yourself with the hot plugs. Fit the new plugs. Before you tighten them, make sure they are on the correct threads. If you have a torque wrench, use this to tighten them. Check the workshop manual for the torque settings specific to your car, it’s probably somewhere between 10-30 Nm. If you don’t have a torque wrench, you can use an ordinary ratchet but do not over tighten them. Not only will it make them more difficult to remove next time but if damage the cylinder head you could be in for a whole world of bother, maybe having to remove the head to fix the threads. If the car has long tubes down to the spark plugs, it’s very important that you don’t just drop the plugs down the hole prior to tightening. Either push a piece of rubber pipe over the end and use it to lower them down or use the extension bar and socket to gently land them in their socket. If you drop the plugs down the tubes, you can bend the ground electrode which closes the gap and means you won’t get a proper spark. Refit the plug wires in the same order as you removed them or refit the coil packs if you have a coil over plug system and start the car. **DISCLAIMER** I accept no responsibility for any harm or damage cause by anyone changing their own spark plugs. This is just a simple guide. Always read the manual for your own car before attempting any repairs.
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    Not sure about this, as never heard. I dont mind paying 200 AED to anyone for coming and cleaning my car and taking good pictures and then posting my ads on all 100's of car classifieds site with single email and my contact number.
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    My dad's GMC ran on the original AC Delco battery for close to 8 years. Guess the AC Delco batteries that come with car are different from what is available locally. Local ones are produced in Saudi Arabia.
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