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    Honestly, looks fine, something I would be interested to go have a look if I was in the market for a Prado myself. Take a flashlight and have a through look in the engine bay and under the entire car for any oil leaks. Check the transmission fluid. Should be somewhat pinkish and not smell burnt and brown. Engine oil should be at correct level. Check all the electronics. See if all windows go up and down. Side view mirrors works ac blows cold and ac fan works at all speeds. Car should drive smooth and transmission should shift smooth through all gears, no clunks and thuds no vibrations. Try to get up to highway speeds and see of it still drives smooth no excessive wind noise, no vibrations and rattles. Shift it into low range and see it actually engages. Think these are fulltime 4x4 so lock the center diff, button with four wheels with a X in the center and if you can find a patch of sand to test. Go full lock circles slowly on tarmac and wheels should squeal and bind indicating its working. Oh yeah check engine oil levels should be between minimum and maximum, ask them before you check the oil when was it last changed. If it was recently and its on the lower side or low, means car is burning excessive oil.
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    Wow, there seems to be so much interest on mountain drive that we should add such excursion more often now. As many of you know that we have recently set up a grading structure to rank every offroader so that he/she can join on suitable drives as per their experience with Carnity Offroad Club. This is purely for safety reason and for improvising the user experience than the newbie level joins the intermediate drive or vice versa and end up feeling out of place. Having said that, the route I selected is definitely not fit for the first-time mountain offroader, as it requires some precise control to climb up on loose gravel and boulder path. Too fast might cause damage to the vehicle and too slow might slip backward. This challenge will multiply on turnings even tougher and you need great control to stop and start the vehicle without slipping on steep incline and decline. I truly understand that some of you have had previous experience and feel quite confident in such terrain, but my humble request is to wait for newbie level mountain drive to join so that we can rate and evaluate your experience. Secondly, this is an exploration drive and my 10-year-old waypoint might be blocked as it was too close to the border fence or inaccessible due to rain or weather conditions. Although I do have Plan B - Wadi Shawka river bed loop and Plan C - Wadi Sfini crossing in the nearby area, but I cannot guarantee if all these routes will be accessible or not. @WiLfY and @Vali If you are confident for such an area and ready for an "exploration drive" where things might not go completely as per plan, please do join. @BIG T and @Emil if you have previous experience of mountain drive please join, or else wait for newbie level trip.
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    thank u guys, and thanks to @jibransayed there is a couple of shots from him
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    Thanks @BIG T !! These shots are indeed superb !!
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    Thanks for all the nice comments. Look what I got today ... See you soon.
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    Thanks @BIG T for sharing such wonderful shots in the gallery, you are truly an awesome photographer.
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    Amazing to see newbies hitting big likes in a week Congrats @BIG T, @Frederic Nuyttens, @jibransayed
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    Thanks for the clarification @Gaurav; I would have happily joined and probably got myself stuck or sliding down a steep slope somewhere :-). Please do not hesitate to organize a newbie (or drive-you-do-after-you’ve-done-a-newbie-drive-with-all-the-first-time-instructions) mountaindrive for @BIG T and me to join soon!
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    Sorry to be pedantic but the Prado isn’t a V4, it’s an I4. V4 engines are extremely rare and I’ve only ever come across 2 in my life, once in a Ford Consul and once in a Capri. There are others but that’s the only ones I’ve seen with my eyes. The majority of 4 cylinder engines have an inline configuration. V4s are expensive to manufacture, extra costs for a wider block, 2 cylinder heads, 2 sets of manifolds etc. The only manufacturer deviating from the inline 4 that I know of now is Subaru with their boxer engine. Porsche and VW have used it in the past. VW abandoned it after the Beetle. Maybe Porsche are still using it, I don’t know, but I think they just use the flat 6 as their base.
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