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    I'm super smiling since last few months, seeing so many AWESOME photographers like @jibransayed, @BIG T, @hossein, @Jocreative, @Frederic Nuyttens, @Panda82 and many more.
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    When it comes to ownership of cars, I've gone through a few. With a very boring line up of cars here for the middle east market and very stringent rules, when the USA car market opened up I saw a lot of Mercedes, BMW and 2 door Honda Accords. I finally managed to sell my first car, my Honda Civic. With money in hand and standing on the car market in Sharjah my eyes could not move from the 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSR4. After the test drive I found out it was a double clutch, turbo charged 5 gear manual. When I popped the hood the engine was tuned by AMG which really got me interested. For a very decent price, the only hassle was to get it registered in Dubai. Besides that hassle it did not give me a Dirhams worth of trouble. But when I got married and with a family, I had no option but to sell it and get a family saloon.
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    A beautiful day with wonderful people. My hats off to everyone for their patience and very happy to have such amazing people on board. Thank you to @Frederic Nuyttens, @MansourZ, @hossein, @Panda82, @jibransayed, @amir.rophail, @Sajith Kumar, @Jocreative, @Javier M, @Emil and @Gaurav for supporting the drive. My hearty congratulstions to those who have qualified for the Fewbie level. Finally my long awaited wish to be able to take the newbies down Fossil Rock was granted, all thanks to the favourable nature with lots of sand in the area. The best part for me was to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy some snacks and chat. As everything comes to an end, so did our drive, but really looking forward to many more drives together.
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    It was my grandads car. He got bad with Alzheimer’s. it got progressively worse. Like proper bad. He was pooping in his pants, he didn’t recognise any of his children or any of us grandchildren. My grandmother never had a driving licence but she used to drive to the shop and back. One day she was driving to the shop, the police stopped her and asked her where she was going. She said she was going to the shop to buy potatoes and the cop told her to go ahead. That scared her so much she said she would never drive again so she put my grandfathers car up for auction. Me and my father went half’s on it because it’s a family heirloom. I ended up with the car. It was a 1.7 diesel Peugeot 205. I dropped in a 2.1 turbo Diesel engine from a Peugeot 406. Sourced an injector pump from a Citroen bx. Got the injectors modified for maximum flow. Governor cancelled. Fitted a turbocharger from a 3.0 Renault espace. The car started life with 60 bhp, it’s now running 250 bhp. Real fun car to drive. Weighs under 800kg. Modern cars pull alongside and laugh. When the light turns green, they stop laughing. Can pull 0-60 in under 6 seconds I’d love to bring it here but the steering wheel is on the “wrong” side
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    Thank you all for accommodating me in the group and happy to be promoted. Gonna have an extra drink for this.
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    Along with a good bunch of Offroader, we have also got some excellent photographers as well. I know for sure @Gaurav would be smiling.
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    Just wanted to start this thread to share our experiences on which tools to use for deflation and their own pros and cons. We all have our favourite tools, and for the newbies and fewbies amongst us it might be an interesting point of discussion on the coming drives. Below just my two cents, please chime in with your own experiences and pros - cons. Tools: 1) Set of keys, a rock, or anything you might find in your car PROS: CHEAP and plenty of stuff available CONS: Takes a pretty long time which you could use for a smoke or a chat and risk on damaging the valve stems. 2) Valve Clips These are my personal favourites. You can get them from Speedex or other hardware shops. Buy 4 and stick them on all tyres simultaneously and then wait about 1,5-2 minutes (as per your type and size of tyre) to arrive at around 17-18 psi. Then take one tyre at a time and use your pressure gauge to further decrease and finetune the pressure of each individual tyre. PROS: Fast and Cheap CONS: none that i know off. 3) Stem removal tool Available in most hardware shops. Enables you to remove the valve core stem so the tyre pressure comes down very fast. PROS: Very Fast and Cheap CONS: Be careful not to lose the stem as it can blow out. So taking some spare is advisable. Be careful not to deflate too much as it really goes fast. 4) Rapid Tyre deflator and pressure gauge This one is seen as the holy grail in 4x4 deflation tools. It enables you to loosen the stem, quickly deflate and immediately take a pressure reading. PROS: Professional tool for reasonable price, pressure gauge and deflator in one tool. CONS: Might take a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but i see many people using them. Please provide your valuable feedback, suggestions, other tools, so we can learn and share the info and spend our time on chatting instead of kneeling down with our bums in the air
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    wonderful read @skumar83 It made me think of my ex-father in law's favourite quote: "The more you spend hours and elbow grease on it, the more you'll eventually love and appreciate it". Sometimes it takes blood, sweat, tears, and pockets full of money and time to have our cars in the state we want them to be, but we tend to forget the journey and the joy it can give us. I makes me also smile to see my son arriving with his screwdriver to help me out and i hope he inherits the same curiosity for technique as i have.
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    How much did you enjoy your first drive? Emil. It was an awesome experience after being a passenger with rahim bhai on the first day. I was waiting to try the tips he gave. What did you enjoy about the drive? Emil. Driving down the steep dunes and most importantly aloo paratta at the end of the drive. Which part of the drive you think you enjoyed the best which you would like to repeat? Emil. Cutting the dunes. Do you think there was a good mix of lecture and practical, was the lecture too long, and any part that can be avoided or done in a shorter or different way? Yes, not long, nothing I can think of. Do you think anything elese could be added to the lecture? Nothing at the moment. Do you think prior reading material would help? yes, more videos on website for a newbie will be helpful. Like descent tips, approaching a dune etc. Would you know where on the Carnity forum you would be able to find the information you are looking for? Not fully aware. Is there anything you think could be done in a better way? Nope. How do you suggest to make things better for the new comers? Totally appreciate your guidance to a newbie especially on getting the flag, clamp, inflators, deflator etc. How do you think you can progress within the current atmosphere and learning opportunities provided? Continuously learning.
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    Very detailed explanation and most people end up doing this. This post will definitely help all JK owners.
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    I'm yet to gain extra HP from that lucky Mitsubishi flag, thanks to Hossein for gifting me his flag and creativity.
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    Time to have moderately thrilling dune bashing for fewbie level, this area sand dunes are for fewbie - intermediate level only. So let's have a nice afternoon drive from Bidayer to Iftar bowl area that has a nice medium to tall beautiful rolling dunes. Plan to play all along the way, so we can enjoy for a couple of hours before it gets dark and then lay our spread near Iftar bowl. When: 11 Jan 2019, Friday Meeting time: 01:00 PM, the convoy will move sharply at 01:15 PM Where: Bidayer shops - opposite Big red GPSCoordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/PR8cHp3tX8S2 Level of drive: Fewbie - Intermediate - Expert - Advance - (No newbie please) Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance What to bring along: Snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, and courage. Approximate finish time: 7:00 PM RSVP the below calendar:
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    Congratulations @hossein for reaching the fewbie level with Carnity Offroad club. Within last few newbies offroad drives you have shown tremendous progress and well deserve this new offroad rank. Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment. Fewbie: Number of drives 10 (16 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune reading Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor (recommended) Drive teamwork Observe recovery from a safe distance and offer help when needed Drive posting/joining Join newbie and fewbie level of drives only Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join an offroad club is highly recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
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    Nice topic and indeed you covered almost all type of deflator for offroading except one more which I have used: Staun. People love their automatic deflation to precise psi you set them, but I couldn't master that PHD after months and lack of patience made me choose stem removal - fast, easy and F.Cheap. Carry valve stem whole strip that has 20 (i guess) and it cost 5 AED. After little practice, I stopped losing them and hardly replace new stem ever. If someone or Staun can set their deflator to 12 psi and ship them, I wouldn't mind trying them again as they sound too good to be true, but yes time-consuming.
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    @Frederic Nuyttens thanks for posting a very interesting topic. Like @skumar83 I prefer the valve remover, as you rightly put it have to be very careful not to loose the valve. Unlike @skumar83 even after over 10 years of off-roading I keep my pressure gauge with me to use science instead of doing guess work.
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    Every car lover has a story to tell, so it's your time to share that story with the world that why do you love your car so much? I'll start with mine: Never ending love affair with my Pajero With so many cars at dirt cheap prices in UAE, my only goal after getting my license in 2002 was to try them all as soon as I can. I have never driven any car for more than 1-2 years max and always changing or upgrading to different category and niche (sometime) to try them all. Once I sold my Patrol out of frustration being a non-climber I took my wife's 3.0 SWB 1999 Pajero by chance to Sweihan and that damn dinky car followed modified Jeep all the way up to any size of a dune. After that quick short experiment, I started searching for 3.5 SWB (older shape) Pajero and found my love after 6 months of searching. Just like all good love stories has a tragic part, so mine goes like this: My current 1999 Pajero bought in 2010 was great on road but as soon you go offroad she starts to overheat. Tried and replaced almost everything to anything on the engine cooling system but nothing helped. Sent to Habtoor even for full diagnose and no good news came out other than everything looks fine sir, as the car is too old so you can upgrade to newer Pajero, lol. I changed radiator to triple core copper, water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, all cooling hoses, spark plugs, HT leads, ignition coils due to mild missing but nothing has changed. As soon as you engage 4x4 car heat gauge starts climbing from 45% (idle temp) to close to 80% within 15 minutes and then I have to exit out quietly on 2 wheel drive. This frustration went for 3-4 months and all my best car buddies running out of solution and then one of the guys spotted from a video recording while the car was overheating the engine viscose fan was not running at higher revs and clutch was not engaging. Replaced that damn bloody clutch and car came to life and started roaring on top of all dunes. With all my previous stock 4x4's - Landcruiser, Patrol, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Discovery I could barely reach Big Red at 50-70% height, let alone Iftar bowl and Faya from the front. Once this Pajero was ready for service with real punishing duties, it impressed me completely. Mitsubishi parts are generally more expensive than other Japanese brands but they also outlast lot longer so you save on labor cost and downtime a lot if you put the quality parts in the first attempt. Apart from peppy 225 hp engine on SWB body weighing 1.8 tonnes, I seriously think that the Pajero 4x4 system (super select) is far too intelligent than most of the other 4x4's I have used. I have seen many times, that while climbing up on cross tracks a lot of car loose momentum and fail to climb up straight, but this Pajero always left me with a big smile in such situations. After almost a year of ownership, I realized the correct usage and purpose of center and rear diff lock that made self-recoveries a breeze in the nastiest of situation. Why I love her: I am not a big fan of extreme modifications and then go through the RTA hassles every year, so I have been searching for capable out of the box 4x4 and this Pajero gave me just that and lot more in return. I don't think any car ever can replace my love for this Pajero, not only because of her capabilities but its also extremely reliable in the UAE heat. P.S. She is very emotional too, any mechanic who worked on her with rough hand or hatred she refuses to start.
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    Thanks Hopefully soon I will start blogging about my Wrangler DIYs.
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    Thanks a lot, yeah exactly, thanks for your support
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    Thank you so much, everyone, for help and support 🎯
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    Good to see myself back onto a forum post from 6-7years back I miss this car ❤️
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    Congratulations @hossein. I guess the abs fuse did do the trick. Well driven.
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    congrats @hossein !! Seems like removing the ABS fuse did the trick 😉
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    Thanks a lot Gaurav, the stuff I’ve learned from you, @Rahimdad and other team members will be something that i won’t forget.
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    My co-pilot and me had a wonderful day ! He’s still talking about it and remember all instructions given during the briefing 😂 thanks to all !!
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    @skumar83 and @Gaurav have got one part absolutely right. He was in 2WD and that was the main cause. Another cause could be the soft suspensions, as when the front of the Jeep hit the other side of the dune it was not engaged in 4x4 which put the complete load of the car in front, plus the soft suspension allowed the front bumper to dig into the sand. With the forward inertia the back of the Jeep kept moving which caused the flip. 90% though if he was in 4x4 it would not let the car flip. Winner is @skumar83 and @Gaurav. Next episode to follow soon. Keep watching out this space.
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    The guy loves 2wheel drive mode. Because of that when he went over the top of the dune his front wheels just got stuck instead of pulling the car forward like in a 4wd mode.
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    After spending 5500 at Robbies you still have rough and cranky ride. You should speak to Albert their and ask him to fix it or atleast offer a solution to fix this. Stabilizer ordering is good, its muhc needed with this much lift. Diff noise is not normal and not nice, you might have some long bill coming soon if drive shaft hasnt been lower to match diff angle. I doubt your tires too. It looks u r running Dunlop Grandtrek or Bridgestone.....! Get the new set of shoes, may be little bit more wider this time as you have enough room to strecth now. It will add more stability too. BTW, your ride looks really cool now. Drive safe.
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