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    Sorry to hear that @sertac. We love you and we will pray that you get a good job soon.
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    Very sorry, Sertac, hope you will find a new job very soon.
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    What is more important and relevant in car service: Time vs Kilometer driven? I just schedule my Range Rover service with Al Tayer and they said I need to get the major service of 120k kms, while the car is only driven 68,000 kms. Their logic is time-based vs km - whichever comes first. They gave me this logic last time too when I sent the car for service and they carried out 108k service when the car was 58,000 kms driven. I somehow felt uncomfortable but went with the flow to not to spoil the service history, which has been regularly maintained by the previous owner. This time it's quite over the top with major service estimate, where they say they have to change rear diff oil and transfer box oil every 5 years or 120k kms. Is it really required to change rear diff and transfer box oil at 68k kms with 5 years of life.....? If you say Kilometer driven is prime then why all car manufacturer has this in their maintenance schedule, let alone UAE but everyone uses the same approach globally. Please explain why......?
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    https://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/peter-davies-and-sons-ltd/catalogue-id-peter-1-10033#lot-0e9bf136-ac41-401d-a831-a9c0013296f3 I think I’d take the 1970 Charger with the hydraulic wheelie system.
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    Things degrade over time as well as with useage.
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    @hossein this drive is a level up and would be at a slightly faster pace and mostly medium dunes. @Emil you could bring the family along if their stomachs are strong, this will be higher level drive. @BIG T next week will most probably be intermediate drive in Liwa, you can join as passenger but won't be able to bring your ride.
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    I think based on the expiry date, even for oil, rubber and etc. they make maintenance schedule
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    yes brother if not his job then some other job will come up just keep hopes high...
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    if you don't off road hard or have leaks and that transfer case and the diff are not using some magical oil then leave it its fine....most of the company also recommends changing all rubber pipes at 170k and all those sensors and actuators at 250k too might as well change the car itself when you reach 350k... there is moisture problems when oil is left out inside those components but those heavy oils change very minutely in properties with moisture and still do what they are supposed to do just fine....
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    Sorry to hear that, but you are not alone in this tough time as I have been hearing this exact same news everyday among my family and friend circle since last month. No more projects and company start laying off redundant staff. Hope you will find something better soon, wish you good luck buddy
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    I will make it most probably @Rahimdad. Again, family is allowed for this drive?
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    Bigger question is why are going to the dealer for service for an out of warranty car in the first place? Hit a jackpot recently we don't know about?
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    Cool. Imagine arriving at the RTA with that one
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    Thanks, guys for the input, appreciate a bit clear response on the actual question: Is it really required to change rear diff and transfer box oil at 68k kms with 5 years of life.....?
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    @Rahimdad I will try to join you, is it somewhat similar to the Big red to pink rock drive?
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    @Keithryan sometimes we overlook the simplest of things. Just a thought, check if anything is loose in your wheel well, any plastic or rubber part that could be rubbing against your tire to make that sound. Michelin tires are very good. I ran Michellin Latitudes for 4 years and they were very quiet and smooth on road.
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    Where there’s a Jeep, there’s a meme
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    Wouldn't miss this and the newly awarded Fewbie should definitely try their skills and build on it in this area. @BIG T, @hossein, @jibransayed, @Javier M, @Emil, @Frederic Nuyttens, @Rana, @Jocreative, @Julien V. Ring ring.
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    They say that time heals all wounds. Perhaps @sertac has forgotten about the last small fortune he spent on his Jeep?
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    So looks like your Cherokee fever is rising again with these daily memes
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    @Keithryan for the roof handle and the brake light clips you can check with any of the spare part shops in Sharjah that has the Mitsubishi logo displayed including Divya. For the clips for the side step, that is a common problem, you can find it at any of the small spare part shops, they have it for something like AED 1/- each. Very cheap and easy fix. All the sops are on the First Industrial Street in Sharjah, I have just marked a shop as per the Google Map link below to help you get there. https://goo.gl/maps/TuAH1U6c66s Hope this helps.
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    Every car lover has a story to tell, so it's your time to share that story with the world that why do you love your car so much? I'll start with mine: Never ending love affair with my Pajero With so many cars at dirt cheap prices in UAE, my only goal after getting my license in 2002 was to try them all as soon as I can. I have never driven any car for more than 1-2 years max and always changing or upgrading to different category and niche (sometime) to try them all. Once I sold my Patrol out of frustration being a non-climber I took my wife's 3.0 SWB 1999 Pajero by chance to Sweihan and that damn dinky car followed modified Jeep all the way up to any size of a dune. After that quick short experiment, I started searching for 3.5 SWB (older shape) Pajero and found my love after 6 months of searching. Just like all good love stories has a tragic part, so mine goes like this: My current 1999 Pajero bought in 2010 was great on road but as soon you go offroad she starts to overheat. Tried and replaced almost everything to anything on the engine cooling system but nothing helped. Sent to Habtoor even for full diagnose and no good news came out other than everything looks fine sir, as the car is too old so you can upgrade to newer Pajero, lol. I changed radiator to triple core copper, water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, all cooling hoses, spark plugs, HT leads, ignition coils due to mild missing but nothing has changed. As soon as you engage 4x4 car heat gauge starts climbing from 45% (idle temp) to close to 80% within 15 minutes and then I have to exit out quietly on 2 wheel drive. This frustration went for 3-4 months and all my best car buddies running out of solution and then one of the guys spotted from a video recording while the car was overheating the engine viscose fan was not running at higher revs and clutch was not engaging. Replaced that damn bloody clutch and car came to life and started roaring on top of all dunes. With all my previous stock 4x4's - Landcruiser, Patrol, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Discovery I could barely reach Big Red at 50-70% height, let alone Iftar bowl and Faya from the front. Once this Pajero was ready for service with real punishing duties, it impressed me completely. Mitsubishi parts are generally more expensive than other Japanese brands but they also outlast lot longer so you save on labor cost and downtime a lot if you put the quality parts in the first attempt. Apart from peppy 225 hp engine on SWB body weighing 1.8 tonnes, I seriously think that the Pajero 4x4 system (super select) is far too intelligent than most of the other 4x4's I have used. I have seen many times, that while climbing up on cross tracks a lot of car loose momentum and fail to climb up straight, but this Pajero always left me with a big smile in such situations. After almost a year of ownership, I realized the correct usage and purpose of center and rear diff lock that made self-recoveries a breeze in the nastiest of situation. Why I love her: I am not a big fan of extreme modifications and then go through the RTA hassles every year, so I have been searching for capable out of the box 4x4 and this Pajero gave me just that and lot more in return. I don't think any car ever can replace my love for this Pajero, not only because of her capabilities but its also extremely reliable in the UAE heat. P.S. She is very emotional too, any mechanic who worked on her with rough hand or hatred she refuses to start.
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    My interest in cars is something new and hence earlier my knowledge on cars used to be practically zero. I joined the Carnity Offroad Club about 2 years ago, and that developed an interest or rather a hobby of understanding how a car works and operates. I started my offroading with a 2010 Pajero and though I loved that car frankly today I would call it boring. After driving it for about 6 months, I realized that offroading was no longer a weekend interest but had literally became a part of my life where I used to think about it continuously during my spare time. Thats when I decided to have a proper offroader and despite advice from many of my friends went and bought a manual Cherokee XJ (1997 model) First let me explain the problems I faced with it, and then I would come to why I absolutely love this car. As overheating was a common issue with Jeeps. I immediately installed extra fans in front of the existing radiator. Unfortunately, whiel returning from my very first night desert drive with the XJ, I slept on the steering wheel and banged the car in front while cruising at 100 km/ h.That result in a busted radiator and some damage to the front. On a lighter note, I am still reminded by my close friends of this incident every time I am on the way back home from a drive. So after the accident, I installed a 4 core full aluminium radiator, installed additional fans, put in the Toyota Coolant (Red Color) and have never had an overheating issue till date even when I have pushed the car to its limit. I credited this to my good friend @shadow79. Though the overheating issue was resolved, then came the problem of me burning my clutch which happened twice till I finally got the hang of it. And the final major expense came when I installed Crown engine mounts and in my very first driveDuring this course, I gave the XJ a nice 3 inch lift by installing harder springs from the scrap yard. There is a also a 1 inch transfer case drop which ensured that there are no driveline vibrations. I have recently put in 31 inch tyres and now the vehicle has a nice presence. Why I love this XJ The car has costed me a lot to change the radiators, the clutch plate, etc. Contrary to what many people say about Jeeps and their reliability, my major repair work has been due to my own doing rather than its own failure. But all this repair has also generated a major interest on how to do some amount of self maintenance and small DIYs. I have had times when the transfer case lever was no longer working, but being a very simple car I would crawl underneath and be able to shift the car into 4H or 4L manually. Before every drive, I check all the fluid levels, even the differential and gear oil levels (this can be done only from underneath the vehicle). For a guy who knew nothing about a car, this is a decent achievement. To work on the Jeep has become the favourite passtime for me and my son. When it comes to offroading, though it doesnt have a very powerful engine (only 190 hp), its light weight (1400 kg) and manual transmission has made climbing really steep dunes a breeze. I do intend to do some minor improvements on the XJ from time to time with the main intention of learning something new along the way. The XJ is completely devoid of any modern day luxuries, but it has own charm and character. Even today when I drive it to the nearest supermarket it brings a smile on my face.
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    When it comes to ownership of cars, I've gone through a few. With a very boring line up of cars here for the middle east market and very stringent rules, when the USA car market opened up I saw a lot of Mercedes, BMW and 2 door Honda Accords. I finally managed to sell my first car, my Honda Civic. With money in hand and standing on the car market in Sharjah my eyes could not move from the 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSR4. After the test drive I found out it was a double clutch, turbo charged 5 gear manual. When I popped the hood the engine was tuned by AMG which really got me interested. For a very decent price, the only hassle was to get it registered in Dubai. Besides that hassle it did not give me a Dirhams worth of trouble. But when I got married and with a family, I had no option but to sell it and get a family saloon.
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    It was my grandads car. He got bad with Alzheimer’s. it got progressively worse. Like proper bad. He was pooping in his pants, he didn’t recognise any of his children or any of us grandchildren. My grandmother never had a driving licence but she used to drive to the shop and back. One day she was driving to the shop, the police stopped her and asked her where she was going. She said she was going to the shop to buy potatoes and the cop told her to go ahead. That scared her so much she said she would never drive again so she put my grandfathers car up for auction. Me and my father went half’s on it because it’s a family heirloom. I ended up with the car. It was a 1.7 diesel Peugeot 205. I dropped in a 2.1 turbo Diesel engine from a Peugeot 406. Sourced an injector pump from a Citroen bx. Got the injectors modified for maximum flow. Governor cancelled. Fitted a turbocharger from a 3.0 Renault espace. The car started life with 60 bhp, it’s now running 250 bhp. Real fun car to drive. Weighs under 800kg. Modern cars pull alongside and laugh. When the light turns green, they stop laughing. Can pull 0-60 in under 6 seconds I’d love to bring it here but the steering wheel is on the “wrong” side
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    I wanted to buy another Jeep Cherokee. But unfortunately i got termination today because company is not getting any project. Buying Jeep is not possible any more. 😔
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    Hey @Rahimdad am fighting my self where to go this friday but am afraid am gonna skip this one, maybe the week after inshalla
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    sorry can't make it to this one 😪, out of country for 10 days
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