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    I was also burned rather badly when an asshole lit a rag in my pocket. I made sure he got fired. Later, when I had my own workshop, I maintained a strict policy against pranks of any kind- you prank someone in any way, you are fired on the spot before you can hurt someone or damage something. Pranksters should be taken outside and shot- survivors to be shot again.
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    My honest advice. It’s a nice car @Gaurav and no disrespect intended. I’ve never bought into the whole service history thing, I buy on condition and I’ve got a lot of fantastic cars and saved a lot of money doing it. Sure, you sell it again for less, but you already paid less for it so it all balances out. I understand that it’s a Range Rover and we all know can be as fickle as a 40 dhs crack addicted diera hooker and hold you to ransom or just plain rob you for fun. Once you get into the FRRSH trap, it’s difficult to get out of. It’s hard to go elsewhere to get work done because you’re scared of losing your investment. But, time V Kms is a real thing. Look at it this way. If you got an awesome deal on a 20 year old Corolla with only 20k on the clocks, the first thing you’re going to do is change the oil and filter along with the timing belt. The timing belt doesn’t need changed for another 40k but it’s a 20 year old piece of rubber and could snap at any time. Smaller financial scale but same problem. Same with oil. The heat here is intense. Oil breaks down a lot faster than colder countries. I would rather change it for a few dirhams than run the risk of problems down the line. Warranty issues don’t come into it anymore, as per a thread I posted a few days ago, the UAE government made it legal to service your car anywhere as long as you stick to the manufacturer recommended service schedule and your warranty will still be valid. But investing in FRRSH is a slippery slope and I’m sad to see you caught in it. If you’re going to keep the car for a while, get it done on the cheap. I’ll even do the work for you myself if you buy the parts. If you’re going to stick to the dealer, work out all the parts and labour costs and add them into the final resale value and see if it’s actually worth it. FRRSH might make the car easier to sell again, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get your money back at resale time.
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    You can just open up fill plugs and put a finger in to check the level and also the viscosity I am doubtful that it's bad unless bashed hard off road or reversed kms or parked up to the doors in water for a good time....
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    A few of my favourites, Sending the new guy to the shop for the following, A tin of sparks for the grinder A glass hammer A left handed Philips screwdriver Tartan or striped paint A pair of Fallopian tubes Send someone to get a long stand, but make sure it’s cold. The parts guy would make him stand outside to wait for an hour in the rain then send him back to the garage Once a guy got sent to the shop to buy a bubble for a spirit level. That backfired and he actually came back with the little glass tube with the bubble in it. If someone was a complete AH, they would get the oil line emptied into their toolbox over night. Some guys used to get their lunchbox epoxied onto their toolbox. Again, if they were a major AH, they would get nuts and washers in their sandwiches Used to get a piece of string and tie an empty can under co workers cars. Would make an awful noise and take them a while to work out what was going on. Used to work in a workshop in the days before health and safety. Some pretty hardcore stuff went on there. Guys used to always have an oily rag in their back pocket to wipe their hands and people would sneak up behind them and light it. One guy got his whole back badly burnt. Another thing they used to do, if one of the young guys was giving attitude, they would hold him down and wire brush his knuckles. That ended badly too. One of the kids waited outside for one of the older guys after work and broke his jaw with a stilson wrench. I used to mess around with airbags when I worked in the scrapyard and blow stuff up, lots of fun. Seen a few videos where people get them put under their seat, I never tried that though. It’s just asking for trouble. Anybody got any more good prank stories?
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    Some pranks are fun, some aren’t. Executors of dangerous pranks should be hung, drawn, quartered, electrocuted, stabbed and shot. Outside of that, if it’s funny and nobody gets hurt, I’m always up for a laugh.
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    I think someone pointed it out. If the oil is in the original packing, it can stay for even 10 years and it won't have an expiry date. It chemically can't..as simple as that. However in your engine, transfer case and gear box you do tend to have moisture ingress plus some other foreign elements. These can accelerate the degradation of the additives only, and not the oil. That's the reason why there is a possibility of a so called expiry date on the used oil.
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    Now that Carnity has been established as a Jimny friendly space, here’s some shots of the “Baby G” beside it’s bigger brother. Which would you choose and why?
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    These are some things I hate about driving in UAE. Feel free to add your own As soon as the light turns green, you hit the throttle but some AH behind you already starts honking. Happened me a few times. I felt like stopping and busting their face and asking what’s the problem, the traffic is already moving. When you’re stuck in traffic, the guy behind holds his hand on the horn. Yes mister, that will automatically make all the cars in front fly away Honking at people crossing the road. Not cool. Driving on the crossing when people are walking is 500 dhs fine. I wish more people would get busted for this. Swerving into the next lane then hitting the indicator when you’re already half way across. Again, not cool. I was stuck at a traffic signal in karama once. The light turned green so I started moving. The guy behind started honking his horn so I stopped in the middle of the road. I knew he was being an AH but I played along. I walked round and looked at the back of the car like something was wrong. He got so frustrated. I asked why you honking if nothing is wrong? He gave me the middle finger and I said ok let’s call the cops and you can go to jail. He turned into a little lamb after that. honking isn’t cool and I would cut the horn on every car here if I could. It’s the height of bad manners
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    Good evening to all .. sorry for the late register .. count me in I am looking forward to this drive. thanx
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    Hi guys, would you be able to post your real name(username) ? Really I'm confused about users on the site😞
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    OK, Guys, I think this whole thread turning into the big misunderstanding that I'm after cutting corners on oil, which is not true. I'm a kind of guy who gets 10k oil and replaces at 8-9k in all my cars. For offroad even faster at 5-6k due to extreme use. As per Range Rover manual, it says engine oil change every 12k interval and I am getting at 10k. This thread was not about engine oil at all. It was about the differential and transfer box oil which is almost doubling the cost (not few dirhams) at the dealership and advised to change at 68K km instead of 120K just because it's completed five years. This almost half mileage change request is bothering me. Going back to the original question, if everyone thinks here that diff and transfer oil also have an expiry for 5 years, then I'll get it changed. @shadow79 this Range so far not driven offroad and not started leaking yet as per their leaking DNA. @Barry I know dealership service history is scam sometimes, but even bigger scams I have seen when you just trust the people words of "regularly serviced" and it has been done just engine oil and filter changed at Enoc for last 10 years. I don't mind paying an extra premium if I get dealer service history to rule out that. And the second reason for this Range was really genuine low kms unlike 200+ kms driven I have seen at half the price.
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    I'm sorry Andreas, this area is a bit more than newbie level so I highly recommend doing few more newbie drives and try your hand on side sloping first to graduate to fewbie level. Tomorrow's fewbie area have a lot of crisscrosses and side sloping area, that you not be comfortable with your two drives experience.
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    Back home someone asked me if I could fill his tyres with nitrogen. His tyres kept going down. I didn’t have nitrogen so I told him I could give him 78% nitrogen mix for free, it’s a bit less stable but works perfectly, people have been using it for years. Most people know that air is 78% nitrogen, this guy didn’t, so I gave him ordinary air for his tyres, charged him for 4 new valve stems and he was so happy about it, proudly told all his friends he was running 78% nitrogen.
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    So you were proven spoiled mechanic if you knew all these pranks to the AH level. Good, you haven't started your workshop.
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