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    Newtrip report. What an amazing day. Started with the announcement of the first ever Marshal for Carnity. Congratulations @Srikumar, for his hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, willingness to help and a very positive attitude. At this point we split the convoy between Newbie and Fewbie. We were 5 cars in the Fewbie level @eduardo, @yogic72, @AKR ,@Srikumar and I. We started with some dune crossings with a good momentum and everydody managed well, we even crossed a herd of goats and was a pleasant surprise besides the regular camels and donkeys around. Finally we started heading though some amazing tracks where we came across a lot of small trees, shrubs and bushes, but with enough gap to just pass through. The challenge of crossing the dunes and keeping between the greenery was very pleasant and the team named it the little forest. We had a couple of refusals and stucks, but the convoy discipline and capability was so good that we came very close to the breakfast area with an hour to go. So I made an announcement if anybody would like to lead for short stints and all agreed. First was @eduardo and he was managing well before he had his first stuck and shortly another one. At this point @AKR took over and he too after a short lead got stuck. After recovering him we had no time to test out @yogic72 and also there was some trouble with one of the steering pump so decided to exit to road and head to the breakfast point. The area was amazing shaded with loads of trees. We were even welcomed by a bunch of camels including 2 baby camels who left due to the roar of one of the vehicles whose exhaust pipe was disconnected. As we lay our spread and waited for the newbies to join, we had a couple of discussions about being promoted from newbie to Fewbie level, the difference felt and the short leads. This is a topic I will raise another thread as feedback was interesting. Soon the newbies caught up and we had our feast. In the time that everybody was relaxed and chatting we got the exhaust sorted out, but no solution found for the steering pump. As we headed out and inflated it was time to say goid bye and hoping for another drive next week which will bring all these amazing people out with some new friends to be made. Until that time idios.
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    We had a great drive today with @Rahimdad. Absolutely enjoyed the pace of the drive. Great team effort by all @Rahimdad @Srikumar @AKR @eduardofor your ever enthusiastic support and help in pulling us out in those sticky situations. @Srikumar really well deserved on being upgraded to a Marshal. Looking forward to some more exciting drives. Thanks to you guys it’s the one thing my son is enthusiastic about to wake up early In the Morning.
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    Congrats @Srikumar for become the marshal. And thanks @Rahimdad for this wonderful trip report. I am not a part of the drive but I feel my presence when I read your write-up. Love you guys.
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    I am driving a pure stock 2013 manual base FJ cruiser. I believe it comes with the front/back points for towing. On my way in few minutes See you all soon.
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    He turned right immediate after crossing the ridge, he should have gone straight down. And the guy in front of him was little slow and he corrected the angle by turning left and escaped.
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    Thanks Gaurav and the team for a nice drive.
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    Thanks, @Barry, I was wondering about the type of gift you sent me, hence my need to contact you privately. However, I have not experienced a flood of PM's, so I will redeem the points but when I do start to get PM's,for stuff that should properly be in the forums, I will donate the points to @desertdude.
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    I borrowed an AX from a friend once. Went round a corner too fast and rolled it onto its side. No real damage done, just broke a wing mirror. Pushed it onto its wheels and drove home. Bought the guy a new wing mirror. Until this day he still hasn’t spoken to me. Says I wrecked his car.
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    I think you covered everything, well done. As you mentioned it was a very very soft patch (and again the sand was a bit wet underneath). I will just add one detail : as shown by @Javier M there was a fraction of second of hesitation when I saw the small pocket below on the right. It doesn’t appear clearly on the video, but it was a quite nasty one. I could have got stuck in an even worst way if I had felt in it from this angle. Let’s see tomorrow 😂
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    Looks like not many offroaders are interested here in knowing these secrets, as they are happy being stuck. My observation: Everything that Fred and Javier's mention is true + when you are in lead you are bound to get these stuck as sometimes you step on deceiving looking sand, that looks hard from top but super soft from below. So as soon as you step on it, you will get stuck. Sometimes in such situation, only your early action of steering down/away can help to escape such stuck. Emmanuel, please add your viewpoint as a driver in case we have missed any.
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    @treks I have some legendary memberships in the bank, just sent you one ✌️ I’m just using basic membership. Got sick of random people asking me questions about cars that could be asked on the forum so no more PMs for me. My number is freely available and I’m on WhatsApp if anyone needs me.
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    With so much information that can be found online, i wanted to try to bundle this a bit into 1 article to make things easier for people new to off roading here to provide a bit of information about tow straps / snatch straps / recovery ropes. I will just try to share the information that i've come across and what was also found on Carnity about the well-known Viking Ropes and AOR ropes (Thanks @Rahimdad for previous article on that one) ! With the main aim on safety, i will try to give a view on the DO's and DONT's so we can all ensure that everybody goes home safe and that these practices can be carried forward. Every time i take the kids to Al Qudra Lakes i still see so many people doing such crazy and dangerous things while recovering/pulling others. These people don't have any bad intentions, but just don't know any better. We'll start with those: Gas-station 40dhs Tow Straps: *Mostly made from Polyester or Polypropylene, and ONLY meant to tow a normal (sedan) vehicle home. DO NOT USE THESE STRAPS FOR RECOVERY WORK !!! The metal shackles are projectiles that will fly off on the first decent tug attempt. Kinetic Recovery Snatch Straps Kinetic snatch straps are made from Nylon, which is a material that will allow for around 20% stretch. This stretching creates a less brutal jerk when recovering a vehicle, and additionally the "recoil" effect will generate a massive amount of energy, which is a good thing, but also something you need to be aware of, the lack of feeling that brutal jerk will probably result in you pulling harder than usual, and that could result in damages to tow points or chassis. Like in every recovery the first pull should be a gentle one to assess how stuck the vehicle is, and the second one can be slightly more aggressive, if still the vehicle is not moving it might be better to dig out a bit more and than do a last attempt which should do the trick. (inshallah).. Due to the stretch they are not ideal for towing a car along the highway, but it works. Kinetic Recovery Ropes Similar to the Kinetic Snatch Straps mentioned above, made of Nylon, but in rope form instead. Both AOR and Viking are well-known available brands. Also not recommended for towing a car along the highway but it will do the job. How to Correctly Use Your Kinetic Recovery Rope Step 1: Verify your equipment is adequate for the use and in good condition. A Kinetic Recovery Rope should be sized such that the Min. Breaking Load (MBL) is roughly 2-3 times the Gross Vehicle Weight. To properly select a rope for your vehicle, follow the guidelines on the chart below. Step 2: Securely attach rope to both vehicles - use a proper shackle or tow point. Recovery points should be properly welded or bolted to the vehicle chassis. WARNING: Never connect recovery equipment to a tow ball, as they are not designed for this type of load and can fail, causing serious damage. Step 3: Ensure all bystanders are well clear of the area. No person should be within 1.5xthe rope length of either vehicle, unless inside one of the vehicles. Step 4: Tow the stuck vehicle out. The towing vehicle can start with slack in the tow rope and drive up to 25km/h max. WARNING: Do not exceed 25KM/H with a properly sized rope. WARNING: Do not pull in a direction that would side load your recovery points unless they are specifically designed to handle side loads; most are not. Continue to pull on stuck vehicle until no longer stuck. Step 5: Unhook and stow your rope. Industrial Webbing / Sling Straps These are not really made for off-road recovery, but if properly sized (3-4 inches width) they make a pretty good recovery and tow strap. They are made of Polyester or Polypropylene and because of their higher number of items sold and less marketing bla-bla, they are generally cheaper and available from the general traders. They come with a certificate that details the load they can take. Using it during recovery will however result in a more brutal jerk when pulling out your off-road buddy, but on the other hand it makes you realise the amount of force you are applying and that is always a good thing. How to recognise good quality straps or ropes ? * Type of material is clearly mentioned (Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene). * Load capacity is mentioned, together with safety rating (5:1 for example) this means break strength would be 5 times higher than the load capacity. Beware that the pulling force is easily 2-3 times higher than the weight of the car. So a 2.5 ton vehicle will easily have a total pull force of 5 to 7.5 tons. * Brand information can be found on Google, maybe even with positive reviews from other off-road sites. * Industrial slings will always have a certificate with clear details on how much load it can take with manufacturer stamps. * The ends should be reinforced. What is the lifetime of Kinetic ropes vs Kinetic Straps vs Industrial Webbing Slings ? That is a question that's probably difficult to answer. I will leave that to our senior experts to give their feedback on how many pulls they were able to do with Kinetic ropes, Straps, or Industrial Webbing sling before they broke. Beware that even a small cut in the strap degrades the total strength severely, so it makes sense to inspect it every now and then. Rated Shackles vs Soft Shackles ? To connect your rope or strap to the vehicle's tow hook, you will need shackles. Avoid the cheapest shackles because they will have no load rating. Go for rated shackles IF you can find them..... However, most show load ratings on them but imho the ratings are very questionable as there are international standards but to my knowledge there is no clear legislation in UAE itself. All the reason more to choose soft-shackles because this completely eliminates the risk of having a metal projectile flying through your windshield. When using Kinetic ropes, the soft shackles are definitely an essential item, due to the massive amount of energy being released during the recoil effect. I hope this provides a bit more information on the subject straps and ropes. Feel free to correct, comment, and remark !
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    I have read many car owners manual and never spotted a section specifically for what to do after offroad drives. They all have how to check and inspect fluids, quantity and there specs in general. I think @edouard has hit that nail very well with his thread.
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    Hey there, this is an absolute newbie with a 4x4 and if you don't mind I would love to join you for the first time this Friday. I'll put all my effort to respect, learn and not get stuck and delay you guys. I appreciate the efforts and time of all club members in advance. Looking forward to meet you all. Antonio
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    I have signed up for both and I too am good to be in any one if them
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    I think he had not enough momentum to go to the top of the dune There was a sand pocket that made him lost even more momentum I remember we could not even make it to the low part of the dune with the momentum we had I think that he hesitated to give more gas and steer right once the car sank
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    It's time to have a relaxed Fewbie drive in our much-loved sandbox - Maliha - Fossil rock. Looking forward to an easy relaxing drive for everyone with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, hill climb, and ridge riding. Fewbies will have great chance to see and learn the real fun that off-roading offers in a very safe and organized environment. Level May be changed upon convoy level. When: 19 April 2019 Meeting time: 0630 am, convoy will move about 0645 am Where: Adnoc Petrol Station Maleha Road GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/mzb26kxzte72 Level of drive: Fewbie and above. Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive, train and enjoy till about 11 am What to bring along: Loads of snacks, plenty of water - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 11 am Please RSVP on below calendar
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